Sydney Holistic Dental Care Discusses What Is Holistic Dentistry

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Sydney Holistic Dental Centre is a practice that has been successfully bridging the gap between oral and general health since 1983. In that time, they have come to understand that not everyone knows what holistic dentistry is and what’s gone over in a consultation regarding it. This reputable dental centre wanted to take the time to explain these better because the dentists at the practice believe the more that people in Sydney, NSW, and the surrounding areas know about what holistic dentists do, the more they will actively seek out a holistic dental practice to provide for their oral and general health needs.

A spokesperson for the centre, Robyn Farley, says, “We here at the Sydney Holistic Dental Centre love what we do. This is especially true when someone visits us and realizes for the first time how strong the connection is between oral health and the rest of their body. Our patients are now very familiar with the fact that when their oral health becomes part of their overall wellness strategy, it can make a significant impact on their lives.”

What is Holistic Dentistry

Farley went on to talk more about what being a holistic dentist is all about. She said there is a lot more that goes into practicing this form of dentistry than simply relating oral health to general health. It includes the dentists at their centre understanding well how such conditions as gum, teeth, or jawbone issues can impact other areas of the body. Sometimes this impact can be profound and have a serious effect on a patient’s quality of life; especially if dental issues also contribute to difficulty sleeping, breathing, headaches, neck pain, and a host of other conditions. Even some cases of dementia have been shown to have possible links to a person’s oral health. Holistic dentists also must be keenly aware of the materials that are used in their dental treatments. The centre’s spokesperson says that’s why they place an emphasis on using dental materials that are strong, durable, non-toxic, and are also highly biocompatible. Those at Sydney Holistic Dental Centre will even coordinate their efforts with other health professionals to help a patient achieve optimal holistic dental and overall health results.

The centre’s spokesperson said the dental professionals at their clinic also believe that any good holistic practitioner should be able to explain to patients how a holistic health model benefits their overall well-being. That’s why a holistic dental practice does much more than just a comprehensive oral examination when a patient comes in for an initial consultation. They will also get to know them on a more personal level and discuss what oral issues they are having and try to connect the dots between these any other general health problems they are experiencing. Then they will go over treatment options with a patient, openly discuss the procedures and answer any questions they have, and what a patient can reasonably expect from the treatments they receive. This approach often helps ease a patient’s comfort level and many times even leads to them being excited about getting their dental treatments done.

Those that have sought holistic dental services from the centre often rave about the treatments they have received. Pétur Viðarsson proclaimed, “Great service and a great team of specialists! I have been going here for 6 years to see Dr. Lewis Ehrlich who is a fantastic dentist. Not only are my teeth better but they also helped me with my sleep. I would easily recommend them to anyone who cares about their teeth and overall health.” Katie Turnbull stated, “Very caring dental practice, that really takes general health into consideration. Patients benefit from their high level of research and cutting-edge technology. I've been seeing Dr. Ron for nearly 20 years and strongly recommend the whole team and the treatments they provide.”

All of Sydney Holistic Dental Centre’s treatments are done in a modern and comfortable and their treatment rooms feature state-of-the-art equipment. That enables them to perform their holistic, general, and cosmetic dentistry services at the highest possible level. More information on the centre’s services can be obtained by calling them, sending them an email, or by filling out the contact form found on their website.

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Sydney Holistic Dental Centre has been enhancing people's oral and general health since 1983. Our clinic supports our holistic approach, with a calm and relaxing feel, and with state of the art technology to ensure quick and optimal treatments.

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