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Music Production Mistakes the Focus of a New AIMM Blog Article

November 08, 2021
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Duluth, Georgia -

Duluth, Georgia’s Atlanta Institute of Music and Media (AIMM) is an accredited music college that offers multiple music degrees and certificates for passionate musicians and producers. They are also a popular learning institution because of the relevant music information that they share in the form of blog posts. A good example of that is a blog that it just released that discusses the top 7 most common music production mistakes and how to avoid them. It’s a blog that clearly demonstrates just how much knowledge AIMM can pass on to the students that take its music production courses.

Nite Driscoll, the President of Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, says, “We here at AIMM are very proud of the talented and knowledgeable professionals that run and teach our music production courses. It’s because of them that the demand for these courses continues to increase every year. Our institute is also proud of the many music-related blogs that these individuals help us put out. That’s because once someone interested in a music production career reads them, they realize that we here at the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media have what it takes to get their music production careers started.

common music production mistakes

This new blog can be found on AIMM's website at It was just posted to the institute’s website on November 4, 2021. This blog is directly derived from part of the curriculum of this institute’s Atlanta recording and music production courses. The blog started by saying that at some point in time everyone is a beginner at something and they are going to make mistakes. Some of those mistakes can be avoided if someone who has made them passes on that knowledge to others so they can avoid these same mistakes. This is the idea behind the school writing and posting this particular blog article. The first common music production mistake mentioned in the newly posted article is overproducing. According to the blog, this can be avoided by a producer making a new track with an approach that is appropriate to the type of music genre that’s being recorded. If the track producer does not do this, they stand a chance they will end up stacking tracks and that often leads to overproducing a weak idea. The blog advises that the best tracks are usually made up of fewer elements than most people think. Another common mistake that the new blog post mentioned is not finishing songs. This is a common issue among music produces and the reason it's important is all of the knowledge that is gained from finishing songs. Even if the track does not come out as intended, the producer will have a better chance of getting the next one to come outright.

Overindulging a mix was also discussed in the blog. This happens most often when a producer does not set a hard deadline for finishing a mix. Too much time can cause a person to lose sight of what their original plan was for a mix. Students who do not do a good job learning music theory also tend to struggle when it comes to putting together a track. That lack of a solid music theory foundation adds much time and effort when putting together a music mix. On the blog's list of common music production mistakes was recording a bad-sounding source too. This is because subpar sound sources are not easy to edit out of a mix later on. The blog wrapped up by emphasizing that an aspiring music composer trying to Learn Completely on their Own was not recommended. Once again this is a great way for someone new to music production to avoid some of the pitfalls associated with this music art.

Those that are considering a career in music production can learn more on AIMM's website about this exciting and challenging music career field. AIMM’s website also goes over some of their other popular music curriculums such as guitar, drums, voice, bass, and keyboard.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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