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Consumer Electronics Reviewer Celebrates 14 Years On Youtube

November 01, 2021
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Boulder, Colorado based Ask Dave Taylor, a channel dedicated to producing weekly reviews of consumer electronics and tech gadgets, recently celebrated 14 years on YouTube. The channel regularly uploads tech reviews talking about a variety of devices, from smartphones and headphones to protective cases and beyond. Ask Dave Taylor has been on the YouTube platform for more than a decade, and its host Dave Taylor has been in the tech industry for even longer, which makes for well-researched, informative content. All of these factors have allowed the channel to grow into the popular source of tech reviews it is today.

“I’ve been in the computer industry since 1980, believe it or not, and have been online since before the beginning of the Internet,” says Taylor. “Some say that it wasn’t Al Gore but me who actually invented the Internet, but between Bob Metcalfe, Vint Cerf, Jon Postel, Tim Berners-Lee and many others, we all contributed — big steps or little — to the amazing tool it is today. I have a number of academic credentials if that’s interesting to you, including a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of California, San Diego, a Master’s in Education from Purdue University, and a Master’s in Business Administration from University of Baltimore, Merrick School of Business. I generally skip the alphabet soup after my name, though. I also teach both undergrad and graduate classes at the University of Denver.”

Taylor’s extensive credentials are one of the many reasons why his loyal viewers trust his opinions on all things tech. He has either contributed to or had a hand in the creation of a number of internet-related startups, sat on the board of various small companies (many of which are in the tech industry) and contributed a great deal to the world of technology in general. This allows him to comment and go into great detail about various gadgets. He knows and understands more about technology than almost anyone else.

Ask Dave Taylor, despite being a large and ever growing project, is not the only platform he has had a hand in creating. Dave Taylor has written thousands of magazine and newspaper articles. He says, “Today, I continue to write both online and off, including a popular monthly column for the Boulder Daily Camera. I might have a book development going on behind the scenes, but I have nothing to announce at this time. I do contribute forewords or introductions for a few books a year, however. If you’re looking for someone to write a foreword for your new book, please drop me a note! I’m a frequent, award winning public speaker who goes to a lot of trade and professional conferences every year. I’ve run large conferences, I’ve given dozens of keynote talks, moderated panels, argued on panels and done just about every other job necessary to keep a conference running smoothly. And yes, I participate in a lot of online events through Zoom, Microsoft Meeting and related tools.”

Ask Dave Taylor maintains a regular upload schedule, producing three videos per week. The channel reviews both high end products from popular brands (like the iPhone 13) and affordable, lesser known items from smaller brands. Each review is detailed and well researched, offering an unbiased evaluation of the item.

Dave Taylor is always ready to field questions from viewers and readers regarding technology through his site. He says, “Have a question about something to do with technology, gadgets, computers, writing or even just a business or general interest question? I’m always happy to hear from people who visit the site and will do my best to address your question in a timely fashion. However, since I do get tons of questions, I can’t promise that I’ll answer your question or that I’ll even acknowledge it. Honestly, I sometimes delete questions when the queue gets too long. I also often take a month or longer to get to submitted questions because of both the backlog and the fact that I have lots of other active projects, and I try to have a life too.”

For reliable, unbiased, well-informed electronics reviews, visit Ask Dave Taylor on Youtube.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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