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Clean Group Offers Covid Cleaning Services In Sydney

October 07, 2021
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Sydney, New South Wales -

Sydney, NSW based Clean Group is pleased to share that local businesses can now turn to their team for a comprehensive Covid cleaning service. The company has long offered reliable, professional cleaning services in the area at affordable rates, and they have now expanded their services to include Covid elimination and protection. With the latest tools and techniques, they can completely sanitise any given area, thereby ensuring Covid safety. They are also proud of the fact that their certified cleaning services meet the very high standards set by Safe Work Australia (SWA).

Safe Work Australia advises against using standard disinfectant against Covid, which is why Clean Group makes use of equipment that utilises advanced electrostatic technology (approved by SWA). This, combined with a hospital-grade Australian Health Department and TGA-approved sanitisation chemical, makes it fast and easy to get a business clean and ready to open with official approval.

“Demand for affordable commercial Covid cleaning services is booming as businesses all over the country scramble to keep their premises Covid-free,” says Clean Group. “Clean Group’s team of professional commercial cleaners is working 24/7 to keep up, providing emergency and precautionary Covid deep cleaning services across the Greater Sydney region. Our expert cleaners are trained in infection control and come armed with the latest advanced cleaning equipment and hospital-grade disinfectant to effectively eliminate any traces of coronavirus lurking inside your office or business premises.”

The company is also able to sanitise warehouses to a similarly exacting standard. This is especially important because this type of building is particularly vulnerable to infections like Covid, with large numbers of goods and people coming in and out on a regular basis (along with vehicles from all over the country that in turn may be carrying various microbes from all over the world). Warehouse managers go to great lengths to be as vigilant as possible, and this includes ensuring that their warehouses are cleaned by trustworthy professionals. Clean Group’s warehouse cleaning professionals are always ready to take on a Covid cleaning job anywhere in Sydney. The company handles both emergency cleaning jobs involving a suspected or confirmed case as well as precautionary jobs aimed at reducing the likelihood of the virus spreading within a particular building.

“Many surfaces inside a warehouse are going to be in hard-to-reach places, such as high up in corners, under shelving, under seats on forklifts and so on,” the company says. “Unfortunately, airborne Covid particles find these out of the way surfaces easy to reach and can survive there for some time, presenting a real risk of infection to warehouse employees.

Clean Group’s proprietary Electrostatic Virus Shield Disinfection technique neutralises this ability of Covid to hide by using electrostatically charged particles of powerful sanitising agents that are able to defy gravity and wrap themselves around every surface the cleaners are targeting. The company explains, “Our expert Covid cleaners use a specialised sprayer that transmits these electrically charged sanitizer particles, ensuring every corner of your warehouse is decontaminated and protected from the coronavirus.”

The company’s ability to minimise the transmission of Covid to this extent also extends to medical centres. This may be the most delicate kind of COVID cleaning job, as medical centres tend to be very sensitive environments that require extra care to ensure that any pathogens present in the centre are killed — and that the chemicals or devices used to clean the medical centre do not end up doing more harm than good. Dental clinics, hospitals, nursing homes and pharmacies all need a meticulous approach to hygiene, health and safety, and Clean Group is prepared to provide this.

Professional Covid cleaning requires a greater level of expertise than ordinary disinfection routines. The stakes are higher, so the standards are higher as well. Clean Group understands this, and this is why their team works exclusively within the guidelines set by the SWA in order to ensure that every Covid cleaning Sydney job is done correctly.

More information on the company’s Covid response and associated cleaning services can be found on their official website. Additionally, customers may direct their questions and concerns to Suji Suiv of Clean Group.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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