Sydney Google Ads Agency E-Web Marketing Reveals Search and Social Media Marketing Strategies

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Sydney, New South Wales -

E-Web Marketing, a full-service digital marketing agency from Sydney, Australia, is giving tips to online businesses to harness the power of cutting edge Facebook, Instagram and Google ads strategies to grow their online presence and boost sales.

A lot of businesses treat their social media marketing and PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing as disparate silos that rarely overlap with each other. The truth is that by playing to the key strengths of both strategies, companies can dramatically increase their online reach and get better returns on the advertising dollars that they spend.

Facebook Ads versus Google Ads

Pay Per Click advertising requires the business to pay for every visitor that the marketing channel manages to send their way. It can be a prohibitive expense for most fledgling companies that are trying to gain a foothold in a fiercely competitive landscape. Therefore, it becomes crucial to present only the best content to the targeted audience. A company only has one chance to make a lasting impression and possibly lock in a potential customer. E-Web Marketing recommends that social media insights can be used to bolster this PPC outreach to make that one chance count.

The company says that social media is an excellent testing ground for determining which post titles, marketing buzzwords, and business problems resonate most with the target audience. Online entrepreneurial discourse is a great way to find the keywords that are most likely to grab the attention of the business’s ideal customer. A business offering a service that solves a pressing problem within their industry of expertise should research what their target audience is searching online for and present their own service as a solution for that problem. This information can be gleaned from trends in the social ecosphere that pop up again and again. The learnings from social media A/B testing can be bundled with the benefits of each social ads platforms to create marketing campaigns that are guaranteed to bring in the kind of attention that the business is looking for.

Companies also need to track their ROI across different platforms to figure out which one works best for their industry. A company creating outreach tools for HR managers is going to find success on LinkedIn at a much greater rate than other channels such as Google ads or Facebook because those working in HR are more likely to frequent LinkedIn for their work. Most ad platforms offer extensive tools that let companies determine the exact return they are getting on their investment. It makes sense to focus one’s efforts on a particular platform when it is outperforming others by a significant multiple.

A business can use PPC advertising such as Google Ads to send customers to its social media pages. Once the target customer lands on the social media page, they should feel compelled to click around and find out more about the company and its services. The trick is to post consistently on social media giving the end user the impression that the company is active and would be a great contender to solve their business problem. Companies that maintain an active social media presence also build trust with the customer as they can respond to the customer’s concerns immediately, offering a higher level of customer service.

PPC ads can also be used to retarget visitors who responded once to the company’s marketing efforts but dropped out due to a lack of interest in the content. By maintaining an active social media presence and refreshing the feed with updated and relevant content, the potential customers that didn’t engage with the brand can be brought back eventually.

E-Web Marketing CEO Sam Shetty talks about its digital marketing services by saying, “We use the power of social media for improving your paid advertising campaigns. When you sign up for our services you will see beyond the individual PPC and social media strategies and utilise your marketing budget effetively to build a unified online brand identity that will prove invaluable to finding new customers.”

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