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Acacia Fysio Plus Zorg Provides Dry Needling In Almelo

September 21, 2021
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Acacia Fysio plus Zorg, a physical therapy clinic based in Almelo, the Netherlands, would like to reach out to local residents who may be in search of a professional dry needling service. As this service provides relief from pain by reducing muscle hardening and cramping, it has already proven to be quite popular among the Almelo community. Many in the area suffer from stiff, tense or painful muscles, and Acacia Fysio plus Zorg’s dry needling can help.

Dry needling is a physiotherapeutic treatment that uses needles to activate certain ‘trigger points’ that cause pain and discomfort. These trigger points are hardened areas which indicate that a muscle is cramped or tense and needs to relax, and this can be treated through the treatment known as dry needling. The dry needling process involves inserting a needle directly into the trigger point, causing the muscle to tense up and then relax which in turn reduces pain and discomfort in the area.

While this treatment may appear to share certain similarities with acupuncture, there are a few key differences that set them apart. Dry needling focuses mainly on relaxing muscles and relieving pain, while acupuncture aims to treat the patient’s ‘energy.’ “Thousands of people walk around Almelo with sore muscles,” asserts Acacia Fysio plus Zorg. “When a muscle no longer relaxes, more and more pressure is placed on it. You grow, as it were, in a certain position, and it is difficult to get out of it because it is difficult for you to move the muscle. If you let the muscle relax, pain will be relieved more easily, and you will finally get out of that bad posture. This way, you prevent headaches in the future, and you stay fit. Dry needling is a very nice treatment for people in Almelo, especially given that it ensures they can move freely again.”

Dry needling is often chosen because it is a relatively painless, effective way of treating muscle pain. While some people do experience mild side effects (like fatigue or after pain), the side effects usually disappear very quickly, leaving the patient relaxed and free from muscle pain. It is necessary to perform certain exercises in order to maintain the improved mobility granted by dry needling and prevent the muscle from cramping once more. A quick visit to the dry needling specialist at Acacia Fysio, combined with appropriate after care, can make a world of difference in mobility, pain and discomfort. According to the clinic, most find that they regain movement which they thought they would never get back.

Acacia Fysio plus Zorg also offers a number of other services and treatments aimed at relieving pain, increasing mobility and so on. Every month, Acacia Fysio’s physiotherapists help hundreds of people in Almelo and the surrounding area regain full movement throughout their body and free themselves from all kinds of pain. They also offer ultrasound, which is a safe method of examining the interior of the human body via sound waves. These waves are sent through the body to help determine the health of all the organs in the body. This technique has been used for a long time for a variety of reasons, and Acacia Fysio is capable of utilising it to identify problem areas in their clients’ bodies.

The physiotherapy centre also provides free consultations for a variety of conditions and necessities, including back checks and lifestyle coaching sessions. “We live in a world where everything moves fast; there are more and more expectations and increasing incentives,” the physiotherapy centre says. “This can be stressful. Stress can manifest itself in the form of unhealthy behaviour and ultimately in an unhealthy lifestyle. For many people, it is difficult to find the motivation to break these unhealthy patterns on their own. A lifestyle coach uses a number of pillars in a Combined Lifestyle Intervention, such as healthy eating, regular exercise and relaxation or good sleep. Unhealthy food, little sleep, insufficient relaxation and moderate exercise can, for example, lead to obesity, burnout and/or lethargy. Our lifestyle coach helps with awareness, encouraging and supporting you to change any undesirable behaviour.”

More Acacia Fysio plus Zorg info can be found on their website. The physiotherapy centre is always ready to provide treatment for any of a variety of issues and has helped dozens of people find freedom from pain and stiffness. Those interested are welcome to get in touch with their team directly to discuss their needs in greater detail.

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About Acacia Fysio plus Zorg:

Acacia Fysio plus Zorg has three branches in Almelo, located on the Acaciapein, the Bellavistastraat, and the Titus Brandsmahof. In each branch, you will find highly qualified and friendly employees, each with their own specialization.

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