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Los Angeles Woman Recovers From 20 Years of Alcohol and Drug Addiction with the Help of Muse Treatment Center

September 09, 2021
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Los Angeles, CA – After struggling for 20 years with drug and alcohol addiction, Dani D. finally broke free – and is filled with praise for the treatment specialists who helped her begin her journey to recovery.

“Amazing people and great staff! This place has saved my life,” the Los Angeles woman wrote in a recent five-star review on Google.

Muse Treatment Alcohol & Drug Rehab Los Angeles

Muse Treatment offers comprehensive treatment for substance use disorders, including both alcohol and drug dependence. Its facilities are located at centers throughout Los Angeles and Southern California.

Programs include medically assisted detox and both residential and outpatient rehab. Treatment methods and therapies are individualized to meet the unique needs of each client. Still, the focus is constant for all patients: learning new coping skills to enable true long-term sobriety. In addition, clients learn how to identify and prevent relapse, which is a high risk after leaving treatment.

Muse approaches addiction as a symptom of an underlying emotional or psychological disorder, often resulting from trauma earlier in life. This dual diagnosis makes more lasting recovery possible; the client may be “self-medicating” their anxiety, depression or other condition. In the end, they may resolve the addiction, but relapse becomes more likely if they haven’t confronted the underlying illness.

Mental health experts say about half of those with a mental condition will also have a substance disorder at some point. But they also stress that it’s a complex diagnosis. One illness does not necessarily cause the other. The complexities and nuances of dual-diagnosis treatment may be why it is not always offered at other addiction programs.

Dani’s story isn’t an unusual one. Many addicts struggle for years – some even longer than Dani – to overcome their addiction. Many will relapse several times until they finally find lasting success. Muse treats addiction as a continuing journey; as long as the client desires to journey on, true sobriety is possible.

Dani found hope at Muse and gave a lot of the credit for her success to the staff there. Their compassionate and caring approach to their clients is as impressive as their credentials. The Muse team includes accredited and experienced experts who design individualized treatment plans specific to each client’s mental and physical needs. They are part of an extensive team that includes medical professionals, behavioral health specialists, addiction-treatment experts, and fully licensed and credentialed therapists.

The Muse staff “have made such an impact on my life, and I am being grateful,” Dani wrote. “Thank you.”

For Dani, the road to sobriety has been long, but it’s now hopeful as well.

“They helped me detox off 20 years of alcohol and drug use!” she wrote. “I am still currently in this program, and I look and feel amazing,” she wrote. “My family and friends can see the glow I have now and the drive to stay sober.”

Anyone seeking treatment for substance use disorder can find hope in recovery at Muse Treatment in Los Angeles. To speak with an addiction specialist for oneself or a loved one, call 800-426-1818 at any time or visit

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September 09, 2021Los Angeles Woman Recovers From 20 Years of Alcohol and Drug Addiction with the Help of Muse Treatment Center

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