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Personal Injury Lawyer in Orange County Offers Help to Victims of Slip and Fall Accidents

September 03, 2021
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Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Orange County, a law firm in Orange, CA, wants people to know that victims of slip and fall accidents, including other types of accidents, can benefit from their legal help. Thus, when requiring the services of an accident injury attorney Orange County CA residents can depend on them to help them get the settlement they deserve. They want to point out that acting and thinking quickly during the first few moments and days after the incident is vital in establishing a strong claim that can greatly increase their chances of receiving the compensation that is due to them.

A slip and fall accident is so common that many people tend to ignore it. However, it can have serious consequences, such as a broken hip, a head or traumatic brain injury, fractures, back injuries, and possibly even death. When a slip and fall accident that has dire consequences occurred in a property that is owned by another person, that party may be liable to provide compensation to the injured person if there was negligence on their part.

Napolin no fee promise legal shield

Alexander D. Napolin from Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Orange County says, “When you or a loved one becomes injured as a result of an accident it only makes sense that you may feel afraid, stressed and unsure of what steps to take next. If you have been injured in an accident, it is very important that you hire a personal injury lawyer to represent your claim as soon as possible. An experienced attorney can help guide you through the crucial first steps that you need to take following an accident including filing paperwork, speaking with insurance companies and keeping up with important medical treatments. And remember that we offer a personal injury no fee promise.”

A no fee promise means that clients will owe the firm nothing unless the personal injury attorney was successful in helping them receive the compensation that is due to them. In addition, they will never require an upfront fee to start prosecuting the personal injury claim. Thus, there is no reason for accident victims to hesitate in consulting with an attorney.

A slip and fall accident can be caused by something as simple as a person slipping from a floor made slippery by water. It is imperative for business managers and property owners to ensure that floors and walkways don’t have liquid spills. If these surfaces have been recently mopped, a “wet floor” sign should be placed to warn people about it. There are other potential causes of slips and falls, such as cluttered aisles in a store, improperly maintained escalators and elevators, insufficient lighting, and more.

They want people to know that “damages” is the term used for the monetary compensation that can be legally claimed by a personal injury victim from the party who was responsible for the accident. Compensatory damages are intended to make the injured person “whole” once more after the incident. But when there was malice in the acts of the defendant, the court may award punitive damages that serve as punishment for the defendant.

California state law allows accident victims to file a personal injury claim to get compensation for the injuries they have suffered. And it is really helpful to get the services of a dedicated personal injury lawyer because California personal injury law is complex. There is a also a time limit when they can file a claim and there are also other restrictions that can prevent the injured person from filing a successful claim without help from a lawyer.

It is also important to note that while many personal injury claims may have some similarities, each situation is unique and has to be evaluated and represented in the best possible way by a persona injury lawyer in southern California.

When in need of the services of a personal injury lawyer Orange County residents can visit the Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Orange County website, or contact them through the telephone or via email. They are open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.

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