Axie Wrangler Launches Axie Infinity Starter Guide Series

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Axie Wrangler, a cryptocurrency gaming investment startup based out of the United States, has launched an informational Axie Infinity Starter Guide section on their website,

These Starter Guides, created for new players, explain tips and tricks about the up-and-coming cryptocurrency game, Axie Infinity. Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based play-to-earn video game available on PC, Mac and Android (iPhone has a closed beta test) that was created in 2018. It has dramatically risen in popularity in the last few months (June-August, 2021), making it the highest valued NFT project in the world by August, 2021, surpassing the previous contenders of NBA Topshot and Cryptopunks. It is currently back and forth between first and second place with OpenSea, the NFT trading and bidding platform.

Axie Wrangler PvP Team

Each NFT, which stands for Non-Fungible Token, is a unique collectible within the cryptocurrency universe. NFTs vary from art, to gifs, to the collectible creatures that populate the Axie Infinity universe, known as Axies.

Because each NFT is unique, and thus, each Axie is unique, this leads to rarity and scarcity, as well as market-driven marketplaces where players can buy and sell NFTs.

NFTs exist within blockchains, so they function, in some ways, similar to cryptocurrencies, however, because each NFT is unique, they are fundamentally different from tradable currencies like Bitcoin.

Since all of this information can be a lot to digest, the U.S.-based crypto-gaming investment startup, Axie Wrangler, has launched an informational section for beginners explaining some of the mechanics of Axie Infinity.

“It’s all so complex when you try to digest all of the different information about cryptocurrency, NFTs, exchanges, swaps, blockchains, gas fees and more. In the Axie Infinity Starter Guides, we break down all the information you need to know to get started. Right now, the guides are primarily focused on Axie Infinity, but as we get more of that content published, we can expand to the basics of cryptocurrency gaming and this new play-to-earn phenomenon that is taking over the internet,” the team at Axie Wrangler said in a statement.

Readers interested in learning more about Axie Infinity and how to get started can visit the Axie Wrangler Starter Guides page. Axie Infinity players looking for a leg up on the competition can visit the Axie Infinity Arena Mode Guide for tips and tactics in Axie Infinity’s player-versus-player mode, where players earn SLP, the tradeable cryptocurrency that makes Axie Infinity the game that pays players for winning.

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Axie Wrangler is a crypto-gaming investment startup that focuses on play-to-earn blockchain technology like AXS, MIST and REVO.

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