Clean Group Sydney Offers COVID Cleaning With Certification And Clearance Checklist for Reopening the Business

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Sydney, New South Wales -

Clean Group, a commercial COVID cleaning company based in Sydney, NSW,[ Tel: 1300946141 ] is happy to announce that they are offering COVID deep cleaning services with a clearance checklist and certification that declares the office space has been cleaned in compliance with Safe Work Australia (SWA) guidelines and can reopen. It should be noted that SWA does not recommend the general use of disinfectant fogging for COVID. That is why the Clean Group employs a combination of electrostatic spray equipment and SWA’s suggested response to clean and disinfect.

Suji Siv, CEO and owner of Clean Group, says, “Once our COVID deep cleaning service has been completed at your office space, worksite, or commercial area that has been exposed to COVID, we will issue a Checklist and Certification so you can quickly and easily get approval from the appropriate government health department to reopen your business. Take note that professional COVID deep cleaning is not the same as just disinfecting. Our cleaners work in accordance with SWA standards for deep cleaning any location exposed to COVID.

Covid-19 cleaning Sydney

They want to emphasize that the COVID deep cleaning cost in Sydney NSW should reflect the quality of the work and the actual methods utilised to clean and disinfect. For instance, disinfectant fogging is not recommended for general use against COVID. It is vital to engage the services of a reliable provider and always request for a free quote.

Clean Group is s specialist COVID cleaning service company in Sydney with a dedicated team of professional cleaners who have been provided with the proper training for commercial cleaning (including construction sites) and office cleaning. They will make sure not to miss anything at the client’s site, from doors, lightboards, floors, kitchens, bathrooms, window sills, and more, they provide businesses and their employees the assurance that they are COVID-safe. With the Delta variant of COVID being able to spread quickly, businesses should not take any chances with the safety of their workers and clients.

The Clean Group professionals are experts in COVID-19 decontamination cleaning. For businesses that have a confirmed case on their premises, they would like to suggest that commercial cleaning be conducted as soon as possible, including in-depth cleaning and disinfection. They offer a terminal disinfection service that includes in-depth cleaning of the business premises followed by disinfection of high-traffic areas and high-touch surfaces, including lift buttons, tabletops, door handles, every computer mouse, chairs, light switches, keyboards, and water faucets. After all of their COVID cleaning and disinfection services have been completed, these are followed by routine inspections to make sure that all of the customers’ expectations have been complied with.

Their COVID disinfection service will not just provide removal of up to 99.99 percent of germs from the business premises or worksite, but it will also avoid reinfection. This kind of decontamination service is suggested for establishments with a high risk of infection. They will completely decontaminate the whole facility, including hard surfaces, such as floors and walls, including chairs, wardrobes, tables, doors, windows, sofas, and computers, offering a high degree of protection against the virus.

Meanwhile, for businesses and commercial establishments that don't actually have a confirmed case of COVID-19, but want their office or property disinfected as a precautionary measure to protect their employees and clients, they also offer commercial cleaning services for infection control. Their skilled and trained team has years of experience in infection control cleaning and the proper PPE to ensure safe and effective cleaning.

Their standard, precautionary COVID-19 disinfection service includes basic cleaning of the commercial establishment or office premises, followed by disinfection conducted for all surfaces and areas to minimise the spread of infection. They focus especially on cleaning the entrance, including door handles, handrails, doorknobs, lifts, and reception areas to bar the infection from entering the workplace or office. This kind of disinfection cleaning is most suitable for buildings and office premises with low to medium risk environments.

Those who need to know everything about COVID cleaning can check out the Clean Group website, or contact Clean Group through the telephone 1300141946 or via email.

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About Clean Group :

Clean Group Sydney is a commercial cleaning company based in Sydney which pledges clients with the highest standard of cleaning by a team of well-skilled, highly experienced cleaners who use state-of-the-art technology.

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