After Attending Four Other Rehabs, Los Angeles Man Achieves Sobriety with the Help of Muse Addiction Treatment Center

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Los Angeles, California -

Los Angeles, CA – Persistence and determination not to give up led a Los Angeles man to Muse Treatment, where he finally found sobriety. "I’ve been to four other treatment centers, all of which were not the greatest of times,” Ashton G. wrote in an enthusiastic 5-star review on Google. “This is my fourth treatment and I’ve never been anywhere like this.”

Muse is part of a network of drug and alcohol addiction centers in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California, providing comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Muse has helped thousands of people like Ashton find lasting sobriety through counseling, therapy and life management guidance.

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Muse understands that addiction is a highly personalized experience, different for each person; therefore, treatment must also be customized for the individual. Programs include medically supervised detox; residential and outpatient rehab; sober living homes; and extensive follow-up to prevent relapse. Rehab provides counseling in life skills designed to instill healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with the circumstances that may contribute to addiction.

Like many others, Ashton started his treatment at Muse with detox, a cleansing period that prepares the body and brain to work through life stressors without using drugs or alcohol to cope. He then moved into their partial hospitalization program (PHP), a program for clients who need round-the-clock care as they ease into their new life without alcohol or chemical substances. “Detox was as comforting as it could possibly be under the circumstances,” Ashton wrote. “Once I was in PHP I felt even more at home.”

Ashton also gave credit to Muse’s staff, calling them “beyond amazing. Direct and to the point, and there wasn’t ever any kind of miscommunication.”

According to Ashton and hundreds of other positive reviews from clients, Muse’s staff is one of the things that sets them apart from other rehab centers. They understand the complexities of addiction and use their extensive professional training to approach it with the most effective treatment for each client. Most importantly they provide empathy and compassion creating a strong sense of community that people can continue to rely on for support as they move through their recovery long term.

Ashton also joined many other Muse graduates in praising the food, which has earned many rave reviews. “The food was always above and beyond. Not your typical high school lunch, but actual meals.”

But the food at Muse isn’t just a frill to please clients. Serving well-prepared, delicious meals is an essential part of alcohol and drug rehab. It’s critical to nourish both mind and body as the recovering addict works toward long lasting sobriety. Many addicts arrive at treatment poorly nourished; they stop caring about anything but the substances they’re using and they neglect things like nutrition and rest. Muse’s menus are designed to build up patients’ physical strength, teach an important life skill, and show patients how enjoyable sober life can be.

Muse also makes treatment itself as enjoyable as possible, while also requiring work on the client’s part. They offer a unique multitude of services, including art therapy, yoga, cardio workshops, cognitive training, neurofeedback, biofeedback, cognitive-behavioral therapy, group therapy and many others.

According to Ashton, “The community and staff together make it hard to want to leave. Huge thanks to everyone at Muse Treatment center."

For anyone in need of addiction treatment help, or to get more information, contact Muse Treatment at 800-426-1818 or visit

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Muse Treatment is the #1 addiction treatment center in Los Angeles, California for alcohol, prescription and drug rehab as well as detox.

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