Skillest, The Mobile App That Is Changing The Future Of Golf Instruction

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Skillest is the #1 app for remote golf lessons. By moving the instruction experience online, Skillest golf lessons are more convenient, more affordable, and the best way to learn golf.

Skillest was co-founded by Baden Schaff, a PGA instructor based in Australia. He was frustrated by traditional golf instruction, which he believed was outdated and didn’t serve the needs of coaches and students. Coaches could only teach students who lived nearby and they were also limited to teaching during daylight hours. Coaches also had difficulties marketing themselves or building credibility since there was no Yelp for golf instruction.

Baden saw opportunities to improve the experience for students as well. The top three reasons golfers don’t take lessons are 1) challenges finding the right coach, 2) the time and effort it takes to schedule, travel to, and take a lesson, and 3) the high cost of in-person lessons. Due to these factors, less than 10% of golfers take lessons, leaving 50 million golfers worldwide struggling to learn the game on their own. Skillest addresses each of these concerns and has built the best platform for both teaching and learning golf.

Skillest enables golfers to take lessons from the best coaches all over the world. Skillest has built a marketplace, where each coach has ratings, reviews and sample lessons. View Skillest coaches here and choose from world-class coaches all over the world.

Many golfers don’t have the time to take lessons. This is especially true when considering scheduling conflicts and travel time. Skillest completely changes the lesson model by moving it online. There’s no need to schedule a lesson or even meet with a coach in person. Real world golf lessons often last a full hour, only a fraction of which is devoted to active instruction. On Skillest, it takes less than a minute for golfers to record their golf swing and send it to their coach. Skillest customers get back detailed video analysis, drills, and feedback on how to improve their game. To learn more about Skillest, interested readers can follow this link to see how it works.

The most common reason golfers don’t take lessons is the high cost of in-person lessons. Most golfers would benefit from shorter, more frequent lessons. By moving the lesson experience online, Skillest enables coaches to deliver more frequent, bite-sized lessons. This brings the cost of a lesson down substantially. Golfers who sign up for monthly subscriptions with coaches often pay the same amount for one-month of access that they previously would have paid for a single in-person lesson.

The Skillest app is a great analytical tool which lets coaches give students detailed analysis, lessons and drills. Coaches also have the ability to host private Zoom lessons through the app. Students can review every lesson they’ve taken and can communicate with their coach through the app whenever they have questions.

The Skillest app can be downloaded in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Visit Skillest using the following link: Coaches interested in using the Skillest app can navigate to the bottom of the home page and click the ‘Become a Coach’ button to learn more.

To contact the Skillest team with any questions, comments or concerns, contact them by email at, by phone at (650) 206-9190, or by mail at Skillest, Inc., 548 Market St, PMB 16284, San Francisco, California 94104-5401

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About Skillest, Inc. :

Skillest is the #1 app for virtual golf lessons. World-class instructors teach on Skillest. Send your swings for analysis and communicate with your coach through the app. Skillest is more convenient, affordable, and the best way to learn golf.

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