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The Mabra Law Firm in Atlanta Outlines Tips To Sue Negligent Drivers For Car Accident Injuries

July 16, 2021
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Atlanta, Georgia -

The leading Atlanta personal injury law firm, the Mabra Law Firm, has recently posted a blog post with tips for accident injury victims to fight for their accident claim. The blog post can be read here: An experienced car accident attorney in Atlanta is integral in achieving maximum compensation after an accident, states the Mabra Law Firm. The top Atlanta car accident lawyer begins the case by obtaining details and evidence concerning the accident, which is important for getting a fair settlement for the victim’s damages. They have expertise in negotiating with the insurance company to get the best compensation for the victim for medical bills, property damage, and injuries.

The leading car accident law firm in Atlanta, GA, explains the need for the victim to use the services of a top car accident lawyer to help them every step of the way. The Mabra Law Firm states that the best accident attorney in Atlanta, Georgia, knows the importance of preserving evidence and documenting injuries and losses from the beginning. Their Atlanta car accident attorneys offer free consultations to help victims determine whether they have the basis for filing a successful personal injury claim. Their car accident lawyers are also experts in determining who is at fault in an accident case and how much compensation the victim deserves.

The personal injury lawyers in Atlanta, GA, are aware of the local state laws relating to the amount of compensation from damages a victim can expect to receive due to the negligence of another person in a car accident. Georgia follows a comparative negligence model, which means the victim can recover monetary damages in an accident injury claim as long as they are no more than 49% at fault in the auto accident. Georgia has a statute of limitations on personal injury claims, explains the Mabra Law Firm, adding that a victim should file an accident injury lawsuit within two years of the accident. An Atlanta, GA, personal injury lawyer is aware of the statute of limitations in Georgia and can help build a successful insurance claim.

The blog post lists several different stages involved in a personal injury lawsuit in Atlanta. It begins with filing a complaint with claims and justifications for the lawsuit. This is the stage when the negligent driver and their insurance company are given a specific timeline to respond to the victim’s complaint. The negligent party might file several motions to get an advantage in the court.

They might want to delay the trial. A victim has time to challenge any motions. After working through pre-trial details, the trial could still take a long time. A judge could order the victim and the negligent party to negotiate under the guidance of an impartial mediator to reach an agreement before going to a trial. The next phase is discovery, states the personal injury law firm in Atlanta, which involves both sides gathering evidence and sharing it with each other. Once all these steps are taken, the trial can be initiated.

The Atlanta car accident lawyers at The Mabra Firm have many years of experience in handling car accident cases and helping victims get the best settlement. The majority of their cases also avoid going to a trial. The Mabra Law Firm warns victims not to deal with insurance companies on their own because these companies typically try to offer the lowest possible settlement amount. The top personal injury attorneys in Atlanta can help victims get the highest amount of compensation they deserve and save them from being taken advantage of by the insurance company following a car accident. Their car accident lawyers are available for a free accident injury consultation at 404-344-5255.

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