Dependable Homebuyers Expands to Baltimore's Curtis Bay Neighborhood

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Baltimore, Maryland -

The owner of a home in the Baltimore neighborhood of Curtis Bay, Maryland contacted Dependable Homebuyers with one request - they wanted to sell their house fast. Details about their home buying process can be found at They needed to close quickly to a cash home buyer. Dependable Homebuyers specializes in buying properties quickly and for cash, which enables sellers to get away from the property as soon as possible without having to worry about expensive repairs or renovations.

"Why put up with all the trouble of a traditional sale when you can sell your house quickly for cash?" a representative for Dependable Homebuyers stated. "If you are trying to sell a home in Baltimore that was acquired from an estate or are in the middle of a recent divorce and are looking for the easiest way to get out of it as quickly as possible without making costly repairs, then Dependable Homebuyers is your solution."

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Baltimore is home to many neighborhoods, but the Curtis Bay neighborhood has many commercial businesses and industrial sites. The neighborhood is on steep sloping heights and four city blocks wide and fifteen blocks long. It is just east of the highly industrialized waterfront with three sides (northeast - east - southeast) bordering the bay. The cove area of "Curtis Bay" feeds to Curtis Creek which in turn is formed by the water merging from further south- Marley Creek and Furnace Branch/Creek, found in Anne Arundel County. Adjoining the east side of Thoms Cove is near Hawkins Point at the end of Marley Neck peninsula. Curtis Bay is a deep-water port that has been dredged so it can accommodate ships which come to Baltimore. The water around the harbor has some shipyards which annex onto the shore and forge manhole covers, steel bulkheads, and other items for use in marine industries.

The residential area of Curtis Bay is along three major north-south corridors: Curtis Avenue, Pennington Avenue (Maryland Route 173 on which all commercial businesses are located), and Fairhaven Avenue. One of these residential streets, named alphabetically for various types of trees, runs west to east. Curtis Bay's housing is composed of several types, the most common being townhouses and rowhouses. The city of Baltimore, Maryland, also offers a variety of housing. They offer townhouses, rowhouses, individual homes (both constructed of wood-frame, brick or stone) and grocery stores.

"Unlike other company that buys homes, we buy them quickly and cash so sellers get out from under them as soon as possible," a company spokesperson said. "If you're looking for quick cash, our company can help with buying your home and getting out from under it so that you don't have to worry about renovating or repairing."

Dependable Homebuyers buys properties in Curtis Bay, Maryland. The owner of a home in Curtis Bay contacted us because Dependable Homeowners had previously purchased one of their neighbors' homes. Dependable Homebuyers has a Steller reputation that precedes them. They buy properties quickly and in cash, so they are a company that will get sellers out from under their homes as soon as possible.

Dependable Homebuyers buys property on Harford Road in Baltimore's Curtis Bay neighborhood. The owner of the home contacted us because Dependable Homeowners had previously purchased one of his neighbors' houses which they inherited and no longer wanted. Previously purchased homes can be found at

Simplifying the home-buying process is one of Dependable Homebuyers' missions. They believe that all they need are buyers who want an easy time while purchasing their house which means not going through many steps, such as meeting with agents, since they do everything themselves from start to finish.

Dependable Homebuyers buys homes quickly for sellers who need to "sell" fast and can't get approved for a mortgage on a new home. Homeowners are able to sell their home without commission fees. To learn more about how Dependable Homebuyers work to get a house sold fast, home sellers should contact them right away. Those interested can also find the most up-to-date real estate data for Curtis Bay, Maryland by clicking on this link.

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Dependable Homebuyers is a local home buying company in Baltimore, MD. We buy houses in any condition and any situation. If you want to sell your house fast, give us a call at (443) 266-6247 and we’ll provide you a cash offer within 24 hours.

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