Austin Tenant Advisors Creates Office Space Calculator That Helps Businesses Estimate How Much Space They Need

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Austin, Texas -

Austin Tenant Advisors, an office space rental agency in Austin ATX and its commercial real estate agents only represent buyers and tenants, has released an office space calculator that helps new businesses estimate the amount of office space that they might need.

The office space calculator is a nifty web app that answers one of the most burning questions that a new business might have - “How much office space do I need?”. There are quite a few resources online that can help one figure out this information but the office space calculator published by Austin Tenant Advisors is one of the most comprehensive tools of its kind for calculating office size.

office space square footage

The density of the office space can be estimated in 3 general categories to determine how many square feet of office space per employee is required. The typical office size for high-density requirements such as call centers or co-working spaces is around 80 to 150 sq. ft for each employee. The average office size for most traditional office layouts is around 150 to 250 sq. ft. per employee. The office dimensions for spacious offices such as law firms assume an area of 250 to 500 sq. ft. per employee. The total office area can be calculated by multiplying the number of employees by the square footage of office space per employee. According to industry wisdom, there is a general rule of thumb that one must follow when it comes to demarcating space for common areas such as conference rooms and break rooms. It says that the denser the office space, the higher the percentage of space that should be dedicated to common areas.

According to the office space calculator from Austin Tenant Advisors, open office layouts for a small office size should plan to allocate 125 to 175 sq. ft per person while the typical office sizes for layouts with cubicles or rooms would need an estimated 200 to 250 sq. ft. per person. There might even be building parking ratios that the business might need to adhere to.

The office space calculator lists different kinds of rooms that are most likely going to be needed in an office, a note on the size of the room, an input field for entering the number of those rooms required, the dimensions of such room in feet, the area in square feet per room, and the total square footage. A list of rooms currently available in the calculator includes a small reception area for 2 people, a medium reception area for 5 people, a small conference room for 6 people, a medium conference room for 10 people, a large conference room for 14 people, a small break area for 6 people, a large break area for 12 people, a small server room, a medium server room, a small storage room, a large storage room, a small work-room, and a large work-room. The calculator also offers the same treatment to offices and cubicles. Its list of office and cubicle rooms includes a small executive office, a large executive office, a small private office, a medium private office, a small office cubicle, a medium office cubicle, and a large office cubicle. The summation of the area of all the rooms and common areas is called the usable square footage (USF). Finally, the calculator adds a circulation factor and common area factor of 35% and 15% respectively to the USF to give a value of the total required rentable square footage (RSF).

The website reiterates that the calculator is just a preliminary guideline for estimates and it is best to hire a space planner or architect to create a detailed program for better planning. The office space calculator also does not account for the future growth of the company. A general rule of thumb is to add 10% to 20% to the total rentable square footage to have room for expansion.

The office space calculator from Austin Tenant Advisors can be accessed at The company helps businesses lease and purchase office space, medical space, retail space, and industrial space. The company has an impressive rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on its Google My Business listing.

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