Dry Star Restoration Brings Water Damage Restoration Services To Residents In Phoenix

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Mesa, Arizona -

Mesa, AZ based Dry Star Restoration is pleased to announce that they provide quality and affordable water damage restoration in Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

Dry Star Restoration has been one of the leaders in water and fire damage restoration in Arizona for almost 10 years. Their expert team is made up of certified professionals who have a track record of great response rates. They also have the experience and knowledge required to properly mitigate and minimize the damage their customers may suffer as a result of various disasters.

Dry Star Restoration strives for excellence in every aspect of their business. They provide great customer service, and they hold themselves to a high standard of integrity, fairness, honesty and responsibility. They also make sure to prioritize their customers’ interests and address all of their needs. This attitude, combined with their skills and knowledge, makes Dry Star Restoration one of the best water and fire damage restoration companies in Arizona.

One of the most well known services that Dry Star Restoration offers is water restoration. This is a complicated and time-consuming process. To begin with, special moisture detecting tools are required in order to properly assess the situation and figure out where the water has entered. Once the areas of potential damage have been identified and located, they must be properly addressed and dried. The structural damage that the water has caused is then repaired or replaced.

Fortunately, Dry Star Restoration is prepared and qualified to deal with any water restoration project they may face, no matter how wide its scope. Their team of professional technicians is able to efficiently conduct inspections and assessments so that action can be quickly taken. They make use of an extraction process to get rid of most of the water on their customers’ property. They then use drying equipment to thoroughly remove the water that may be retained by the building materials. As a competent flooring contractor in Phoenix, they are able to rectify many types of damage.

In addition, they are also capable of carrying out repairs, replacing drywall, installing new carpets and even completing major reconstruction jobs. Dry Star Restoration also makes use of the latest techniques to mitigate damage and prevent warping, swelling, buckling and delaminating. Furthermore, their team also takes great care in restoring the customer’s property, making sure that they eliminate all odors, mold and other health hazards in a timely and professional manner.

When dealing with water damage, the company advises that people should not hesitate to contact a professional as time is of the essence when it comes to limiting damage. The company also explains that people should prioritize their safety first and foremost. If their residence is currently unsafe, they should relocate to another location. They should also turn off their water source, as water damage is usually caused by burst pipes or water tank leaks. In some cases, turning off the electricity may also be a necessary step. If they can, residents should also save their most valuable items and possessions.

Property owners can count on Dry Star Restoration to provide them with the best home repair services, including fire damage restoration. Due to their dedication to providing excellent customer service, Dry Star Restoration has received great reviews.

Bob Jay says in a 5-Star Google review, “Dry Star was amazingly helpful from start to finish. From the moment I reached out to Robbie, he was very informative and detailed with preparing for the upcoming procedures. Any time I had any questions or concerns, he was very responsive and understanding of my situation. The team of technicians he sent were very polite and careful with my home and family. Their flooring options to replace the damaged ones in my home were better than I expected to see. I would recommend them to all my family and will use them for any future home renovations I need.”

Dennis Relihan says in another 5-Star Google review, “Our water heater ruptured and caused water to go into one of our bedrooms. Our plumber suggested Dry Star, and they came out within an hour and started the cleanup process. Aaron and Jose were the team that did a fantastic job cleaning up the water and set up equipment to dry out the areas. They were very professional and courteous throughout the five days that was needed to dry everything out. They were also on time every time and called to update us on their coming to the house. We would highly recommend this company for any type of restoration.”

Those looking for water and fire damage contractors in the greater Phoenix area may check out Dry Star Restoration’s website for more details. Customers may contact Richard Appel of Dry Star Restoration to discuss their needs as well.

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Water damage restoration services in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Scottsdale, Tucson and the surrounding cities. 24/7 water mitigation live calls offer service in 90 minutes or less. We offer Free estimates & direct insurance billing.

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