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NitWits Dispels Several Common Myths About Head Lice

May 18, 2021
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Public Still Has Misconceptions About How To Effectively Treat Lice, Says The Boston Area Lice Removal Salon

Belmont, Massachusetts — NitWits, a premier Boston-area professional head lice removal salon, today announced that many myths that the general public believes about head lice are untrue, including the belief that over-the-counter head lice shampoo will kill head lice. The statement is based on several years of successfully treating thousands of clients and helping to rid them of head lice, as well as the founder’s experience working as a school nurse.

Cant head lice jump

According to NitWits' co-founder Berit Pratt, RN BSN MPH, one of the most common head lice myths still held today is that any of the lice shampoo brands found in drugstores will kill head lice. But research is showing that head lice shampoo has become ineffective against a head lice infestation.

"A 2016 study conducted throughout 48 U.S. states showed that head lice have developed a resistance to commonly used pesticides in head lice shampoos. Many of our clients turned to us after they had little success trying over-the-counter brands. It's just one of the fallacies about head lice still being perpetuated today."

Another belief many people have about head lice is that they can transfer to and live on furniture and objects such as stuffed animals. Parents who come to the NitWits salon to seek treatment falsely believe they have to wash or place bedding, toys, and other objects in plastic bags and then the freezer to completely eradicate them from a home.

"We've had clients who think everything in their home has to be cleaned, but they can save themselves the extra work because head lice won't move from hair strands onto furniture, bedding, stuffed animals, or any other inanimate object. For starters, they have claws that enable them to hold on tightly to hair strands. But more importantly, they need a human scalp to survive because they need human blood and warmth. Even if they were to somehow get on a couch or bed, they wouldn't live very long."

This also means that head lice cannot jump off a human scalp and onto another area, which is another long-held belief about the parasites. Head lice lack hind legs that insects such as fleas have, so jumping is impossible for them.

Pratt also says many parents arrive at her salon ashamed and embarrassed, thinking their child attracted lice because their hair is dirty. But how often hair is shampooed has nothing to do with attracting head lice, which cannot distinguish between clean and unwashed hair.

"Our team of lice-removal professionals always educate our clients about what to do and what not to do about head lice," explains blank. "Ultimately, we always recommend treating lice and nits exactly the same way it's done at our salon—by physically removing them with a head lice comb and using our OMG Head Lice Conditioner Solution, which lubricates the hair so lice are removed from strands with the comb more easily."

Both products were developed by NitWits to offer clients a safe, effective, and natural way to eradicate head lice and nits from the scalp. All NitWits products were developed after years of research and contain only natural and organic ingredients that are safe for humans and the environment.

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About NitWits

NitWits Lice Removal is the Boston area's premier and oldest head lice treatment service salon. Headed by school nurse Berit Pratt, RN BSN MPH, and co-founder Sonia Simoun, the salon specializes in all-natural, organic, pesticide-free head lice removal treatment for children and family members affected by lice. Their mission is to get rid of head lice and nits (lice eggs) for good for every client who visits the salon. NitWits' founders developed their own organic, pesticide-free lice treatment products to get rid of lice and nits that are based on 15 years of hands-on experience. The staff also gives educational presentations for students, parents and teachers. Treatment sessions take place in the comfort and privacy of their Belmont salon. Call 617-816-9487 to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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