Lucid Leverage LLC Is Offering SEO Services For CBD Websites

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Tempe, Arizona -

Lucid Leverage, a digital marketing agency based in Phoenix, Arizona, is offering SEO for CBD websites.

CBD and medical marijuana businesses are booming all across the country. However, the industry is still in a relatively nascent stage. New regulatory developments are happening on an almost daily basis. The uncertainty makes the industry ripe for disruption. Shrewd CBD and medical marijuana business owners realize the importance of getting the word out on their brand early to stand apart. Only those ventures that will spend the time and money to distinguish their brand and online presence will be poised to reap the benefits from the expected growth of this industry in the future.

Lucid Leverage offers a service that allows CBD and medical marijuana brands all across the country to create a loyal fan base. It does so by leveraging its experience with online SEO and marketing. They are able to set up everything from a website with high-quality search engine optimization to a focused and targeted social media campaign. The company claims to use all the tools at its disposal to create an online identity for the brand that can stand the test of time.

Lucid Leverage helps businesses gain organic search traffic from Google by creating engaging content that resonates with the target audience. Organic search traffic is very important in this industry because the major platforms such as Google, Facebook, and YouTube do not allow PPC campaigns due to the nature of the subject matter. It, therefore, becomes imperative to have a strategy that recognizes the importance of organic traffic and social media reach. Lucid Leverage claims that they have years of experience in SEO for marijuana businesses that allows them to rank a company on the top of organic Google search results.

Lucid Leverage also says that it is hard to find competent help when it comes to digital marketing for the CBD industry. This is due to a lack of experience and the sensitive nature of the marijuana business that is still shrouded in misconceptions. Lucid Leverage is adept at handling the challenges on both fronts. Its experience in the industry makes it an expert at avoiding the common pitfalls when it comes to marketing CBD and THC products. It is also an expert in walking the thin line when it comes to creating content for this industry. The company says that it knows how to create content that takes into account the legalities of the wording as well as of the offerings themselves. The challenge is to be compliant with local laws and statutes while still getting visibility from search engines and social media platforms.

Lucid Leverage places importance on conveying the solid business processes that a brand has put in place to ensure the purity and high quality of its product. It lists all the relevant information regarding the cultivation of plants that make their way into a brand’s offerings. It makes sure to discuss cultivation methods and facts about the different strains that go into the end product. This creates a sense of familiarity with the audience who are able to gauge the benefits of the end product by the ingredients that go into making them.

The company will also help shoot 5-star testimonial videos about the business’s CBD and medicinal marijuana products. This creates social proof that helps drive sales from customers who might be holding out from buying. The review videos will be customized for every social media platform based on the type of engagement that is expected.

SEO resellers Lucid Leverage also help in creating SEO-optimized websites that allow customers to browse through and share content directly from their phones. This increases the reach of the brand as they are able to bring in customers from all walks of life into their marketing sphere. The client’s business benefits from Lucid Leverage’s web design expertise that creates a visually appealing and easy to use, feature-rich online home for their products.

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About Lucid Leverage LLC :

Lucid Leverage is a digital marketing agency specializing in online reputation management (ORM), search engine optimization (SEO), YouTube marketing and social media marketing across the USA, Canada and the UK.

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