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Former Client Praises Muse Addiction Treatment Center in Los Angeles for Providing a Road Map for Recovery

April 30, 2021
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Los Angeles, CA – A former client credits the staff and programs at Muse Treatment for giving him a “road map to getting sober.” His time at Muse was so successful, he wrote a glowing 5-star review on Google.

“I got to learn what being sober and actual living day to day was like there,” Thumper S. wrote of his time at Muse’s Westwood facility. “Trained staff was there to listen and help guide this newcomer along the path to sobriety.”

Muse Treatment Staff for addiction treatment in los angeles california

Thumper underwent a successful medical detox program, which he said was designed so he could go at his own pace. He then entered Muse’s residential drug rehab program,in Los Angeles where “the liberties of real life that we take for granted in our disease were there as well.” He took classes and was able to go on outings. He even complimented the chefs for the meals served there.

But it was the treatment staff and programming that earned Thumper’s most heartfelt praise. “I strongly recommend trusting this place to guide your open mind and heart through the long already hard road to recovery, in hopes that they can make it easier on you and give you peace of mind that they have your back and best interest at heart.”

Although every patient at Muse is different, Thumper’s positive therapeutic experience is a common one. It begins with a gentle introduction to detox and recovery, offering comfort and concern to the newcomer who is likely feeling isolated and disconnected.

Thumper wrote that Muse “made detoxing easy.” While detox and recovery are never completely easy, Muse does try to make each client’s transition into care as simple, welcoming, and comfortable as possible.

Muse calls its approach to recovery a “tripod of stability”: Therapy, Neural Recovery and 12 Step Programming. This process ensures that treatment specialists are able to thoroughly address the underpinnings of addictive and/or compulsive tendencies, in order to provide the best treatment possible.

The program’s phased approach begins with a thorough assessment to determine proper placement into the right addiction program and whether residential or outpatient treatment is best. This phase is followed by treatment, in which the client grows and begins achieving short-term goals and learning self-direction and empowerment. The program doesn’t end when the client leaves the facility; aftercare treatment keeps the change going with behavioral therapy, 12 Step programs and other treatments as needed. Follow-up continues with Muse’s alumni outreach programs.

Thumper remains an enthusiastic supporter of treatment by Muse. “You won't regret the choice to be inspired and sobered up by Muse,” he wrote.

Based in Los Angeles, Muse Treatment offers the full range of residential and outpatient addiction treatment programs in Southern California for people seeking recovery from substance use disorders. Muse is a hub dedicated to providing a center for therapeutic discovery, healing and the recovery of core values. To speak with a treatment specialist, call 800-426-1818. To read the full article visit the URL at,

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