Tim Mc Garvey Explains the Process of Converting Click into Patients in Newly Released Book

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Tim McGarvey announces the release of his new book, “Converting Clicks into Patients: Building a Better Weight Loss Practice,” a guide detailing how to leverage digital technology and exploit social media platforms to grow a profitable weight loss practice. Digital technology expert and marketing master Tim McGarvey decided to write the book after realizing the majority of his clients, while understanding some aspects of online marketing, had no idea how to get it to work all together and be effective. The book offers step-by-step advice on digital marketing, including collecting and cross-promoting patient reviews, making the most of paid traffic, the true purpose of video marketing, and other ways to grow a profitable weight loss practice.

According to the author, most books about online marketing discuss traffic and how to get attention online. “I’m about results-driven tactics that earn more than Internet traffic; they bring in measurable income and business growth,” McGarvey says, “Building up a steady stream of new patients takes time, effort, and expertise. This is a definitive guide to working strategically so that clinics get calls from new patients, not just aimless internet traffic. Most physicians are confused about what steps to take when it comes to online marketing, but it is a vast network of opportunities if you can get clear about your goals and be able to identify what works.”

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Tim McGarvey is an Internet marketing consultant based in New York, NY, who has worked for decades with businesses, helping them gain strategic clarity and tap into mainstream markets to grow bigger and more profitable. He employs sophisticated networks and establishes potent digital connections, measuring every aspect to identify what works. He loves to develop innovative solutions for people and believes in mutually beneficial, life-long business partnerships.

One client, Dr. Elizabeth G., said, “I was completely impressed with his presentation and professionalism. He provided an excellent branding commercial for our practice, and our social media results have been exploding ever since. I highly recommend his work for health care professionals. He is, without hesitation, a gem.”After working with weight loss practices for over ten years, McGarvey understood that health practitioners are not always sure about the business aspects of running a practice, especially marketing. “They are often confused about the steps they need to take to succeed in online marketing, investing in efforts that don’t result in new patients,” says McGarvey.

Every chapter progresses, from the basics, such as why begin with Google and Google Maps, to the sophisticated technology behind Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. There is more to these platforms than the average user understands and tools that can drive actual results if you know how to set up and link them properly. That’s covered in the guide, along with innovative methods for collecting five-star reviews from patients and promoting them where they get seen by the right audience.

A copy of the book can be ordered online by visiting the Amazon website or requested thru the website at

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Tim McGarvey is an investor and internet marketing consultant. He combines strategic clarity and digital networks, creating connections between businesses and mainstream markets. Tim believes in developing mutually beneficial business partnerships.

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