Asbestos Removal in Phoenix Company Discusses Why It’s So Important to Remove This Substance

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Mesa, Arizona -

Drystar Restoration, an experienced asbestos removal in Phoenix company, realizes that most people know that they should remove asbestos if it’s detected in their home or business but very few people know why. That’s why those at the company thought it would be good to talk about this subject in a little more detail. This knowledge may provide an incentive for those with older homes and businesses in Phoenix to be proactive and schedule an asbestos screening at their properties.

Richard Appel, the company’s mitigation manager, says, “Asbestos is certainly not a substance that you want to be exposed to for very long. That’s a problem too because it was so widely used in so many different materials for many decades. This is why we would like to discuss a little more what health problems that prolonged asbestos exposure can lead to and how asbestos abatement is done on a property.”

The company’s mitigation manager started by stating that some of the products that asbestos used to be widely used in making include ceiling tiles, batt insulation, pipe insulation, flooring, siding, asphalt shingle, and wallboard. Unfortunately, he says these are building materials that are frequently used in all types of construction. That’s why it’s so important for those with older homes and commercial properties to get an asbestos screening done at them. Asbestos exposure is strongly linked to such health problems as lung cancer, Mesothelioma, and Asbestosis (scarring of the lung tissue). Appel says that severe cases of these illnesses are something that you would not wish on your worst enemy because of how devastating they can be to the human body.

Appel said that the only good thing concerning asbestos is that it can be safely and effectively eliminated from a home or business. The crews at Drystar Restoration are considered to be experts when it comes to doing this task. He says that proper equipment and safety gear is a must when undertaking an asbestos removal project and they have all of the best equipment and safety gear that money can buy. When their crews commence with asbestos abatement, they start by completely sealing off the area where asbestos has been detected. They even restrict the airflow out of this area for safety reasons. The company’s mitigation manager says that next they will go about removing the asbestos-contaminated material and they will even spray down the area periodically as they work to knock any asbestos fibrils that are released into the air down to the ground. Their crews also use specially designed vacuums during the process and sealed bags that are made specifically for asbestos removal. He said that they are so meticulous when doing this task that virtually no traces of asbestos are left behind.

Appel went on to talk about some of the other mitigation and damage services that they offer. This includes fire/soot damage restoration, water damage restoration, and mold remediation. He says that they also deal with cleanups relating to sewage accidents and strong storms. Those who are aware of Drystar Restoration’s reputable damage mitigation services don’t always realize that this company is one of the very best remodeling contractors in Phoenix. Their combination of damage restoration service and remodeling skills is something that many of their customers take advantage of. It also gives those customers much fewer people to deal with as they look to make their properties whole again.

Persons who have had misfortune fall upon them in Phoenix and have used this company’s damage restoration services often talk about how this company’s calm and professional demeanor helped them get through their crisis. Scott Cain stated, “These guys are great! I would highly recommend them to anyone. Their communication and customer support was great, especially considering the chaos we were dealing with. Their team took care of our issue quickly and they were very considerate of our home and privacy.” This is one of several 5-star reviews that can be found on Drystar Restoration’s Google Maps Business Listing.

Those in the Phoenix area that would like more information on the services this BBB A+ rated company offers can get in touch with them by phone, email, or by filling out the form that’s found on the ‘contact us’ page of their website.

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