Atlanta Car Accident Chiropractor Shares Tips To Prevent Car Accidents

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Atlanta, Georgia -

Arrowhead Clinic of Atlanta has posted a blog post entitled: “How to Prevent a Car Accident in Atlanta.” Dr. Summer Turner, an Atlanta Car Accident Chiropractor, warns that auto accidents in Atlanta are the result of human error and can cause grave injuries, financial struggles, and emotional turmoil. "Luckily, car accidents can be prevented," adds Dr. Turner, sharing tips for automobile drivers to pay more attention to their surroundings.

Distracted driving, according to the Arrowhead Clinic chiropractor in Atlanta, is the leading cause of car accidents. It includes any activity that draws the driver’s attention off the road. Putting on makeup, eating, or preparing for a presentation while driving are hazardous activities that distract the driver’s attention and can prove fatal in addition to cell phone use.

According to the Atlanta auto accident chiropractor, drivers should stay away from the fast lane to lower the risk of highway accidents. Dr. Turner suggests that the middle lane is comparatively safer, giving the driver more escape options if necessary.

Speeding is another major cause of auto accidents in Atlanta, says the Arrowhead Clinic chiropractor, adding, “Speed limit signs are in place for a reason, and they aren't suggestions. The speed limits are influenced by traffic volume, sharp turns, uneven surfaces, and many other factors. The faster you drive, the less time you will have if you need to react to something on the road to prevent an auto accident. And the faster you drive, the longer it will take to stop your car.”

Defensive driving is the way to go, advises Dr. Turner, saying, "the driver should always watch out for any potential problems and what's going on around them. If you can't avoid a threat on the road, be prepared to stop abruptly or otherwise avoid a collision at a moment's notice.”

One of the most common causes of auto accidents in Atlanta, driving and drinking is a dangerous combination as the driver loses the “ability to focus and function properly” in an intoxicated state.
“Even though drunk driving is the most easily prevented car accident, drunk drivers continue to cause crashes every day. If you go out anywhere and have something to drink, always use a designated driver or a ride service,” she continued. In addition to drinking, drugs can impair the driver’s ability to function behind the wheel, resulting in serious car accidents. She added, “You have to keep a clear mind so you can have complete control over your body.”

Another piece of advice from Dr. Turner is to be mindful of blind spots while trying to avoid or, “stay out of others' blind spots as much as possible, and if you have to be in a blind spot, spend as little time in it as possible.”

In Atlanta, many car accidents are 100% avoidable and occur due to reckless driving by drivers who suddenly change lanes, forget to use rear turning signals, or tailgate. Reckless drivers are always in a hurry and impatient in traffic. Being mindful on the road can help prevent several accidents that occur due to reckless drivers, says the leading Atlanta chiropractor.

Drivers should never feel lax when driving on the road, advises Dr. Turner, adding, “you should keep your hands at 9 and 3 o'clock on the steering wheel to avoid a car accident” and have maximum vehicle safety and control.

Weather conditions in Atlanta, including snow, rain, ice, and floods, could play a major role in car accidents. Drivers should pay extra attention to these factors while driving on the road and be cautious in extreme weather.

The driver must pay special attention to their car’s limits to know how best to react in a dangerous situation, advises Arrowhead clinic's chiropractor, saying, “you should always know how far you can push your vehicle. If you have a tall vehicle that leans a lot when rounding corners, then be sure not to wrench your wheel one way or the other. You also need to be familiar with your car's tires and brakes and how they perform in certain situations.”

Regular maintenance schedule ensures that the vehicle stays in good shape and will not suffer hiccups on the road, which could cause accidents.

Drivers should try to be courteous on the road because they are not the only ones driving on the road. Treating others with respect is one way to prevent accidents on the road. “Even if someone is going slower than you would like, you still need to keep a safe distance between your bumper and the car in front of you. Keep a safe following distance, and as soon as possible, you can safely pass them.”

Road Rage is another leading cause of Atlanta car accidents that result in serious injuries to the back and spine, concussions, and head injuries. Some drivers make unwise decisions in their rage, resulting in avoidable auto accidents. Getting out of the way of a road rager is the best thing to prevent an accident, suggests Dr. Turner.

Road accidents often result in injuries that could have been otherwise prevented. Chiropractic care can help an accident victim manage their pain and heal faster. Atlanta chiropractors perform a thorough examination of an accident victim to assess their injuries and make a treatment plan accordingly. Spinal manipulations are designed to ease pain, restore mobility, and promote healing. Chiropractic treatment is non-invasive and designed to prevent chronic, long-term conditions. Patients that undergo chiropractic care in Atlanta can heal quicker and better with this non-invasive treatment without requiring surgery.

An Atlanta car accident victim can visit the Arrowhead Clinic's website at to schedule a free consultation with top chiropractors. The Arrowhead Clinic in Atlanta has earned a reputation for its personalized care and friendly staff.

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