Nashville Chiropractic Clinic Introduces Chiropractic Therapies To Avoid Surgery

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Nashville, Tennessee -

Advanced Injury Care Clinic emphasizes natural ways to prevent surgery in their latest blog post entitled “Natural Ways Chiropractic Care Helps Avoid Surgery.” The Nashville Chiropractic Clinic has been serving the Nashville community for over a decade, with a mission to treat every ailment naturally. Stressing their belief that natural care is a solution to avoiding surgery, which is associated with several risks, Advanced Injury Care Clinic suggests chiropractic care as a preventive aid in back pain.

“When you visit a doctor for your back pain, they will likely prescribe powerful painkillers, and you may eventually end up having surgery. But, those painkillers have adverse side effects, and we've already talked about the negatives of having surgery. But, if you see a Nashville chiropractor first, you won't take medications and having invasive surgery altogether,” notes the chiropractic clinic.

The leading chiropractor in Nashville claims that research proves that chiropractic care reduces the chance of surgery for back pain, adding, “Almost 43% of workers that saw a surgeon first had surgery for their back pain, but only 1.5% of people who saw a chiropractor had surgery.”

Advanced Injury Care Clinic has earned a reputation for its natural ways of pain management. According to the blog post, “almost 75% of patients who received chiropractic care and standard medical care reported that their pain was better after treatment.” This research gives those suffering from pain a strong reason to dodge going under the knife, suggests the chiropractic clinic in Nashville.

The best thing about chiropractic treatment is that it doesn't involve incisions; rather, it manipulates the spine through massage and physical therapy at the source, notes the Nashville chiropractic care clinic.

A cheaper alternative to surgery, chiropractic treatment treats pain at the source without requiring expensive medications, regular hospital visits, or temporary fixes that require constant correction.

Chiropractic care takes a natural approach to healing pain. A Nashville chiropractor is focused on relieving pain symptoms of patients by adjusting misaligned joints through chiropractic care. The main focus of a chiropractor, notes Dr. Derrick Miller, is on the patient’s spine because it is a key component of the nervous system that sends and receives messages to and from other systems.

A misaligned spine causes malfunctioning of the nervous system that further affects overall health stresses Dr. Derrick Miller, who is the head chiropractor of the Nashville chiropractic clinic. The health of the spine is therefore critical to overall health.

Chiropractors at the Advanced Injury Care Clinic can treat a range of disorders. This includes migraine headaches, sciatica, and gastrointestinal problems. Spinal manipulation can relieve stress and pain symptoms such as gastro distress and clear up any miscommunication between the brain and digestive system, resulting from misaligned nerves in the spine, suggests the top Nashville chiropractor.

“There are many variations of spinal adjustments that are used by chiropractors all over the world,” according to Dr. Miller, who confirms how chiropractors work. “There are several other ways chiropractors can provide pain relief, including ice and heat therapy, electric stimulation, traction devices that will stretch your spine, as well as ultrasound for deep tissue healing.”

Spinal manipulations use force and twisting and may produce a popping noise, while spinal mobilization is a gentle technique that involves stretching.

The article cites studies that confirm the role of six weeks of mobilization treatments in alleviating neck pain in subjects, adding, “chiropractic care to be moderately effective in easing acute low back pain that lasted less than four weeks.”

Dr. Miller recommends lifestyle changes to manage pain and improve health and wellness. He suggests, “First, if you wake up every morning feeling like you were hit by a truck, you need to take a look at how you're sleeping. Your chiropractor will recommend that you start sleeping on your back because when you sleep on your back, you are helping to keep your spine in neutral alignment. If you think you are doing everything right when you sleep, but you still wake up in pain, your chiropractor will have more suggestions for you. Your chiropractor will also recommend stretching to help achieve pain relief and promote your overall health. If you never stretch, your muscles will get tight.”

Advanced Injury Care Clinic recommends a daily stretching regimen tailored to the patient’s needs to relieve pain from tight muscles, which may cause joint dysfunction and restriction.

An experienced chiropractor works with patients to end their pain and suffering through natural ways of healing. Those wanting to end their battle with pain may contact Dr. Derrick Miller to learn more. Advanced Injury Care Clinic is happy to educate patients about different ailments and how chiropractic care can help manage their pain symptoms during the initial free consultation.

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