Emergency Sewage Removal Service In Phoenix Remains Available During Crisis

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Mesa, Arizona -

Mesa, AZ-based Dry Star Restoration is pleased to let their community know that the company’s emergency sewage removal services will continue to be available across the state despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the additional challenges it presents. The company is well aware of the enormous fallout that can occur from this type of situation, and they are committed to maintaining their excellent response times even in this time of crisis. Should anyone require emergency sewage removal in Phoenix or any other area, the company urges their community to get in touch immediately.

According to the company, the mark of a good sewage system is one that does its work largely unnoticed by the residents of the property. If the system functions as intended, its users will almost never have to take note of it. However, the company states that a problem, such as a backup, can still have disastrous consequences that need to be addressed decisively and promptly once it does occur.

For one, a malfunctioning sewage system can lead to odors leaking out into the living or working areas of the structure, producing an overpowering stench that makes it nearly impossible for anyone to remain in the vicinity for long. This is only a sign of worse possibilities, however, and the company encourages their community not to hesitate to call an expert if they notice a fault in their sewage system.

The stench caused in such situations is simply the body’s way of recognizing a source of danger, experts at the company say, and it should not be ignored for any reason. It generally signifies the presence of fungi, viruses and other pathogens that can do great harm to a victim’s health if given the chance, and overexposure can be extremely dangerous. Sewage may contain excessively high concentrations of harmful bacteria, for instance, and this is why households or businesses are strongly discouraged from attempting to rectify such issues by themselves.

As the company explains on their website, “Exposure to raw sewage could cause disease, destroy valuables and cause serious harm to your home or office. Only trained professionals with the correct equipment must handle sewage removal. Our team of certified experts have many years of experience resolving several sewage cleanup and repair issues. When sewage backup cleanup is needed, Dry Star has you covered.” In addition to numerous health hazards, a sewage system that is not repaired as soon as possible can lead to structural damage as it also produces moisture. Fortunately for Arizona customers, Dry Star Restoration has a wealth of experience dealing with any any and all forms of water damage as well.

While being one of the more common sources of destruction, water damage of any kind can still go untended by local homeowners who are unaware of the signs they should be vigilant for or how quickly a relatively little problem can get out of control. This means that houses and other kinds of properties all over Arizona are at risk of damage through broken or leaky pipes, overflows, sump pump failures and so on. Dry Star Restoration employs only certified technicians who wield both a great deal of experience and modern equipment in order to correct such issues for their customers. In practice, this means the community can rely on the company completely for water damage repair in Phoenix and so on.

Customers can expect the following to occur once they contact the company for professional aid. Dry Star Restoration will arrive in short order and begin using certain moisture detection tools to identify the full extent to which the water has spread. Each affected area is carefully assessed to determine what will be needed to prevent further damage and restore what has been lost. As they work to ensure each affected location is dried out properly, the company’s team will repair or replace any structural damage, taking the utmost care and utilizing cutting edge techniques to stop the affected material from warping, swelling, delaminating and buckling. This swift response is ideal, given that it is the best way to head off odor, mold and similar issues that could present a risk to the occupants’ health.

Dry Star Restoration offers a variety of damage mitigation and restoration services that are the top in their class among their peers. The locally owned-and operated company offers 24/7 emergency services that gives their community prompt access to water damage, fire damage and even asbestos abatement contractors in Phoenix at virtually any time they are needed. Customers can also rest assured that their contractors are licensed, bonded and insured.

Further details can be found on the company’s website. Customers are welcome to contact Richard Appel of Dry Star Restoration as well if they wish to pursue any further inquiries.

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