PutskA Offers Innovative Pacifier Clip To Help Exhausted Parents

November 19, 2020
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Baby product designer PutskA is reaching out to the general public to introduce their innovative pacifier clip that can help parents make their days easier. Those interested may visit PutskA at their official website or the Amazon webstore to learn more about the product.

PutskA’s pacifier clips are the perfect solution for making sure that no pacifier is lost ever again. It saves parents from the stress of having to look for pacifiers, cleaning dirt off once they fall and worrying over the state of their childrens’ pacifiers. The pacifier clips feature a universal-fit loop which ensures that they can hold pretty much any kind of pacifier, teething toy and teether. The clips prevent pacifiers from falling onto the floor or rolling under the couch and help them stay clean and in reach.

PutskA Pacifier clips

They can be safely attached to baby clothing, blankets, car seats, strollers or diaper bags without leaving damage or rust stains as they are made from BPA, phthalate, latex and lead-free plastic. These materials leave no nasty stains, unlike metal types, and are durable enough to withstand a baby’s pulling. Additionally, these materials will not cause damage to babies’ teeth, should they chew on the clips. The clips were also designed to be at a perfect length for holding pacifiers in place. The straps are long enough to keep babies happy and comfortable without a risk of entanglement. The clips are also durable and non-toxic and may be cleaned through machine washing and air drying.

The pacifier clips are not just for parents who want to make their days easier by securing their babies’ pacifiers. They are also a fun and thoughtful gift for people who are expecting a baby. Customers can also choose from a variety of ‘boyish,’ ‘girlish’ and ‘unisex’ designs. PutskA has even placed a 3-year guarantee on their pacifier clips because they are extremely confident in the quality of their product. Those interested can learn more about Putska and their pacifier clips when they check PutskA on FB.

Customers have said great things about PutskA’s pacifier clips. One customer says in a 5-Star Amazon review, “If you are like we are, constantly dropping these things on the floor or losing pacifiers all over the place, then you definitely need one of these clips. Although they are pretty long, they are well made, the designs are flattering for my taste and they do the job (most important part)! If you are dying to the insanity of constant washing of pacifiers or losing them altogether, you should definitely get these clips. They are affordable, and adorable. I cycle through a couple of them a day. I hand wash them and leave them to dry as I clip a new one on. These things have probably prevented many hostile moments, and that alone makes them worth it!”

Another 5-star Amazon review says, “I can't say that I notice anything that I dislike about these clips. Has a strong clip to hold onto the baby clothes or whatever else you want it clipped onto. The part that holds the pacifier is thick and seems very durable. The entire holder itself seems durable as a whole. The price is decent as well for the quality. Highly recommended.”

PutskA was founded by the couple Lily and Ben Nathan when they had their second child, with the mission of making and providing practical baby products that are designed to be stylish but do not sacrifice quality. They base their products on what they knew they needed as parents and what their child needs and likes. Their products are designed to be simple and easy to use while maintaining stylishness and placing an emphasis on child safety, comfort and quality. PutskA believes that children must be raised with love, care and responsibility, and that children deserve a future.

PutskA is committed to providing great service, and they are open to honest and thoughtful communication. They want customers to feel comfortable with contacting them and giving their honest feedback. Parents who are interested in PutskA and their wide range of baby products can head over to the company’s website to make their next purchase. They may also shop for PutskA Pacifier Clips on Amazon.

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About PutskA:

A family company dedicated to producing baby essentials tailored to your needs and your baby needs. Our products are made from environmentally-friendly materials and non-toxic organic fabrics to keep our babies safe. Thank you for choosing Putska ♥

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