Arrowhead Clinic Chiropractor Atlanta Describes the Pain that an Accident Victim Feels After a Car Accident

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Arrowhead Clinic Chiropractor Atlanta, a chiropractic clinic in Atlanta, GA, has revealed that they have recently published a blog post that describes the pain that an accident victim feels after a car accident. The article explains that pain is often caused by trauma. Pain usually occurs after all kinds on injuries, especially those that have been incurred due to a car accident. This is because pain is the body’s internal alarm system that makes people aware that something is wrong in the body. The blog post can be accessed at

There are different kinds of pain. There is the sharp pain, which is a stabbing or shooting pain that can be severe and spontaneous but goes away relatively fast. There is the aching pain that’s not very bothersome but persists for a long time. There is the radiating pain that originates from one location and travels throughout the body. This is common with back or neck pain, which may radiate down the arms or legs. And finally, there is the throbbing pain that feels like the patient’s heartbeat is at the point of injury and this can result in extreme discomfort.

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How long the soreness and pain may persist will depend on a number of factors. These include: where the accident victim was in the vehicle; the seatbelt; the speed of the crash; the size of the victim’s vehicle; the size of the other vehicle(s); whether the airbags went off; and preexisting injuries.

But with regards to how long the accident victim will remain sore, there’s no way to know unless he or she consults with a qualified medical professional, such as a chiropractor. Meanwhile, it might seem that the pain came from nowhere. This is because some injuries often have delayed symptoms. Examples are spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries. Those who suddenly feel pain are advised to consult with their doctor as soon as possible. This is because delayed pain will not necessarily mean the injury is less severe. Neck pain may not be cause for alarm but if it is accompanied by fever, there might be a serious problem.

The injuries that may be sustained due to a car accident are soft tissue injuries, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injury. Thus, it is always a good idea to learn more about safe driving habits as a way to avoid getting into a car accident.

Soft tissue injuries include sprains and strains to the body’s soft tissues. The pain resulting from strain or sprain will usually go away after a couple of weeks. But if the pain persists, it may be a disc injury, such as a bulging disc or herniated disc. If the doctor suspects disc injury, he will likely recommend some imaging tests to find out the source of the pain.

Meanwhile, about 38 percent of all spinal cord injuries are caused by a motor vehicle accident. Such injuries can be serious and may result into permanent paralysis. This is why it is important to understand whether the pain is simply a backache or something more serious. A spinal injury may have a number of symptoms, such as: extreme back pain, loss of sensation, numbness or tingling, loss or bowel or bladder control, difficulty breathing, and difficulty walking. Medical treatment is recommended for spinal cord injuries because they can be very serious.

Another potentially serious injury caused by an accident is traumatic brain injury. Symptoms include sudden and severe headaches, confusion, dizziness, mood changes, loss of consciousness, and trouble sleeping. Accident victims who notice these symptoms are advised to consult with their doctor or health care professional.

After a car accident, it is often a good idea to visit a chiropractor who can offer the advantages of quicker healing and preventing injuries from worsening over time. The chiropractor will conduct a comprehensive examination and then develop a treatment plan that will usually include spinal manipulation for relieving pain, promoting healing, and restoring mobility, and preventing chronic conditions from developing.

Those who are looking for a chiropractor for car accidents in Atlanta may want to check out the Arrowhead Clinic Chiropractor Atlanta website, or contact them on the phone or through email.

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