Atlanta Chiropractor Now Boasts Over 550 Positive Customer Reviews

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Atlanta, Georgia -

The Arrowhead Clinic Chiropractor Atlanta, based in Georgia, is reaching out to the community to celebrate having recently surpassed 550 5-Star customer reviews. This is a number that only a handful of clinics all across the US have achieved. Arrowhead has joined these ranks thanks in part to their continuous journey towards excellence.

"We wanted to celebrate this special occasion by reaching out to our community to express our appreciation for their unconditional support. To those people who have put their trust in us, and our ability to heal them, we want to say thank you. We owe our success to you, and we would not have come this far without you," states Dr. Summer Turner of Arrowhead Clinic Chiropractor Atlanta. "Our focus has always been set on offering the best chiropractic care to our patients at the best price, giving them the best chance to recover from their injuries and continue to live a full life. It is an honor for us to have gained this outstanding reputation, though we expect to continue improving upon our services so we can live up to our clients’ expectations in the years to come."

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The Arrowhead Clinic was founded in 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia, by Dr. Harry W. Brown. He built the clinic’s practices upon the foundations of commitment and dedication towards the patients who entered its doors, and this quickly earned him a distinctive reputation among the communities he worked with. Two years later, Dr. Brown would move back to his home and open his second chiropractic office, which would eventually become the largest chiropractic facility in Georgia through innovative marketing efforts. This was only the beginning of his journey, however, as he continued opening several new facilities over the next few years, all throughout Georgia.Today, the Arrowhead can be found at 15 locations, providing assistance to patience in cities like Nashville, Atlanta, Athens, Savannah, Brunswick more.

Despite their quick expansion and remarkable success, the Arrowhead Clinic still operates with the same attentive nature and commitment to patients that initially led to their popularity. Dr. Turner states, "At Arrowhead Clinic In Atlanta, we’ve been specializing in the treatment of personal injuries for nearly 40 years. We are leaders in the field, bringing physical and psychological relief to our patients. We can treat and document injuries with care and scrutiny. If you are looking for a chiropractor near Atlanta, give us a chance, and we guarantee that you will not regret your decision." Learn more here: Chiropractor Near Me Atlanta, GA.

The Arrowhead Clinic serves the local Atlanta community with superior chiropractic care for a variety of injuries. They excel at treating auto accident injuries, back pain and whiplash injuries, among other ailments. All of their patients are treated with personalized care specially tailored to their needs, lifestyle and more in addition to their injuries, giving each patient the best chance at recovery. Their services are complemented by free consultations, through which the clinic guarantees their patients the best possible experience and care.

Dr. Turner states, "We work along with our patients to devise and put in motion a chiropractic care plan that fits their requirements as closely as possible. This also includes carefully documenting their injuries and working with their attorney, helping them deal with complicated accident injury cases in an easier, more straightforward manner."

Patients of the Arrowhead Clinics attest to the excellence of the care they receive. Through the clinic’s Google page, Belinda Powell shares, "I love this office. The front desk staff is always friendly and very professional. They greet each client by name and explain what is about to happen today. Dr. Turner is the best. She always explains what she is about to do and how that relates to my care. She also listens to me when I express concerns about my treatment. Thank you, staff of Arrowhead."

The clinic’s website offers more details on Arrowhead Clinic Chiropractor Atlanta and their services. Interested parties may also reach out to Dr. Summer Turner to follow up on any inquiries. Dr. Turner also invites patients to, "stay updated about our clinic," and any associated developments by browsing their blog and news section.

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About Arrowhead Clinic Chiropractor Atlanta :

At Arrowhead Clinic in Atlanta, we’ve been specializing in the treatment of Personal Injuries for 40 years, and are the leaders in the field. By using Chiropractic Doctors and Medical Doctors we are able to treat your injuries with care.

Contact Arrowhead Clinic Chiropractor Atlanta:

Dr. Summer Turner

3695 Cascade Rd
Atlanta, GA 30331

(770) 961-7246

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