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Atlanta Law Firm Emphasizes Importance Of Choosing The Right Auto Accident Lawyer

July 16, 2020
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Atlanta, GA based The Angell Law Firm is reaching out to the community to share insight on the importance of choosing an appropriate attorney for a car accident case.

When it comes to vehicle accidents, dealing with the aftermath and consequences of the incident tends to be the biggest source of concern and worry for the victims of these situations. Emotions like uncertainty and despair tend to cloud the mind of all involved parties, many if not all of whom will now be at loss for what their next step must be.

Angell Law Firm Atlanta Auto Accident Attorneys

"There is paperwork to be filled, insurance claims to be made, medical checkups and treatments to be undergone and even vehicle repairs to be implemented," states Bryce Angell of The Angell Law Firm, describing common scenarios that car accident victims face. He continues, "While all of this can be overwhelming for you, one way to lessen your burden and responsibility is to hire an auto accident lawyer in Atlanta. However, choosing an attorney is not an easy task nor one that should be taken lightly, as therein will lie your chances of securing financial compensation for the losses caused by your accident."

According to Angell, there is a set of questions that every car accident victim should ask the attorney that they are considering taking on board their team. These inquiries—which the company diligently describes in their latest blog post—aim to shed light on an attorney's ability to properly represent the case, the chances of success were they to pursue legal action and the cost of representation.

Angell explains, "These are ten of the most important questions to ask your legal representative. Even if they seem simple at first sight, they will help you paint a clear picture of the person you are about to work with for the next few months. This will help you find relief and certainty at a time where you otherwise would be overwhelmed with responsibility."

One of the first questions listed on the firm's blog, is "Should I Pursue The Case?" While the main reason to pursue a car accident case is to secure financial compensation for the losses suffered during the incident, the office states that this is not a realistic outcome in all cases. A trustworthy personal injury lawyer should advise their client based on the merits of the case, clearly laying out the circumstances and their chances of success. The review of the case and discussion of its details is usually covered during free consultations, making this one of the first signs that one is on the right path to finding the best attorney possible for the case.

The firm's article also notes that it is important to inquire about whether or not the attorney in question has taken on similar cases in the past. This is an essential question, as even the most skilled attorneys specialize in certain areas of law. This rules out the possibility of hiring someone who may be new to the area of practice, may only do it part of the time or might be inexperienced in general. It is also advisable to inquire about the outcome of these cases, as even though past performance is no guarantee of future results, it lays down a foundation of trust and certainty regarding the attorney's abilities.

Another question that The Angell Law Firm advises everyone to ask their attorney is how long it will take to resolve the case. Car accident victims tend to find themselves in a tough financial position, with medical bills accumulating along with vehicle repairs and even legal fees. Due to this reason, it is crucial for them to know how long it will take before they are compensated for their injuries and financial losses. This can also serve to demonstrate how long their lives may be disrupted by having to attend legal proceedings, investigative doctor visits, and so on while pursuing their case.

Offices like The Angell Law Firm possess a distinguished reputation in Georgia. They have helped represent their clients’ best interest in court for years, giving them the best chance of securing the financial compensation that they are entitled to receive. The firm’s website includes further information on their services along with contact information that clients can use to schedule a free consultation. Their website also hosts the office's blog, where they discuss topics such as comparative negligence for car accident victims.

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