Atlanta Institute Of Music And Media Offers Vocal Program

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Duluth, Georgia -

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media (AIMM), based in Duluth, Georgia, is pleased to invite students to sign up for their Music and Technology Associate Degree. The Atlanta vocal program is aimed at helping students develop their unique voices, expand their range and perfect their tone. In addition to mastering their vocals, students will also learn valuable music production techniques. This includes tracking, mixing and mastering. AIMM is an Avid Pro Tools Training partner, so their Music Production courses use the same Pro Tools equipment used by professionals. AIMM’s degree programs combine organic instruments with advanced music production techniques in order to help their students become well-rounded musicians who are ready to take on the industry.

“AIMM provides an exceptional music education for inspiring music artists and singers in Atlanta, Georgia,” the music school says. “The Atlanta Institute of Music Media offers unlimited musical resources to take your professional singing career to infinite musical levels. Our music industry leaders and faculty teach our vocal performance students the acquired skills necessary to become one of today’s elite vocal singers or teachers. Students will learn how to develop an individualized artistic voice, vocal control and performance practice through rigorous training targeted on technological and musical studies at our Atlanta Music School.”

The school is located in the center of Atlanta, which is widely regarded as a kind of ‘music capital’ with the city often being referred to as the ‘chief executive’ of the music business. The city has given countless vocal artists, both local and international, the opportunity to grow and develop as artists. The city’s population of five million is made up of producers, engineers, artists and writers. There are dozens of outlets full of artists looking to make it, and Atlanta offers musicians, both those aspiring and those who have already made it, access to an unlimited range of resources and almost endless possibilities. Some of the artists that have come out of Atlanta include India.Arie, OutKast, TLC and Toni Braxton. AIMM aims to help students grow and flourish using the limitless resources around them.

“The Atlanta Institute of Music develops our vocal performance students into successful singers and teachers,” says AIMM. “At the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, we address all industry challenges with hands-on instruction as well as performance workshops. Our professional vocational instructors provide students with the instructional environment necessary to achieve their individualized musical goals. Our vocal programs are taught by professionals who are at the cutting edge of vocal output and performance in their field. Their knowledgeable backgrounds allow them to shed light on topics you can’t learn from books and lectures. Additionally, our experienced faculty maintains a working relationship with some of the most renowned artists of our time.”

A number of people have left great reviews of the school online on various platforms. Mason, in a 5-Star Google review, says, “I've been working at the best music college in Atlanta for three years now, and I absolutely love everything about this Music and Media college. They have taught me more than I could ever research on my own and have been a blessing in my life. If you're looking for the best music school in the country, then you need to give Atlanta Institute of Music and Media a shot first. The classrooms have all the up to date equipment for their students and all the newest software for learning.”

A former student, Chaz, shares that, “AIMM is one of the best decisions I have ever made with my life. After going to AIMM, I learned and gathered a lifetime worth of knowledge in music and instructors' experiences. Would recommend this school to anyone who wants to grow and become a better musician.”

Anyone looking for the best vocal degree in Atlanta is encouraged to pay a visit to the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media. The school has produced a number of great musicians and will strive to make sure all of their students are equipped with the tools they need to succeed in the music industry.

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About Atlanta Institute of Music and Media :

Atlanta Institute of Music and Media has a uniquely effective approach to vocational training for musicians, production, and audio engineering students.

Contact Atlanta Institute of Music and Media:

Nite Driscoll

2875 Breckinridge Blvd #700,
Duluth, Georgia 30096

(770) 242-7717

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