Atlanta CPR Presents the AHA COVID 19 Child and Infant CPR Procedure in New Blog Post

June 05, 2020
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Atlanta CPR has announced that they have recently published a blog post describing the American Heart Association (AHA) CPR steps if the heart of a child or infant stops and there is the possibility that they have COVID-19. The blog post can be accessed at Atlanta CPR is an AHA CPR training site and provider of American Red Cross First Aid, CPR and AED training. These include BLS or Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers, ACLS or Advanced Cardiac Life Support First Aid CPR AED, Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid, and CPR Certification. They also offer free CPR classes. The curriculum used at Atlanta CPR are based on the guidelines established by AHA. Those who complete a training program will get an AHA eCard art the end of the class.

For the CPR procedure for a child or infant suspected to have COVID-19, the first step to ensure that the scene is safe. And then it is important to check if the child or infant is breathing normally or awake. The next step is to call for help but if alone, it is advisable to call 911 through a cell phone, and then perform CPR with 30 compressions and then two breaths (if the person performing the CPR is willing and able) for five cycles, and then get someone to bring an automated external defibrillator (AED).

The next step is to perform CPR with compressions and breaths (if the person helping is willing and able). For the child, it is advisable to start the CPR push on the middle of the chest and do it 30 times at a depth of two inches with one or two hands. Thirty compressions and then two breaths are provided for each cycle. For the infant, the CPR push is done on the middle of the chest 30 times at a depth of one and a haft inches with two fingers. The 30 compressions and two breaths are repeated. The AED should immediately be used as soon as it becomes available. CPR should be continued until the arrival of the emergency medical services (EMS) personnel.

The curriculum for the classes at Atlanta CPR is based on the guidelines set by the American Heart Association. Various classes are available, including the BLS for Healthcare Provider eLearning and 1 Hour Skills Check; BLS Skills Check; BLS and ACLS eLearning and Skills Check; ACLS eLearning and 2 Hour Skills Check; ACLS Skills Check; Red Cross First Aid CPR AED Blended Learning and Skills Session; Red Cross Adult CPR AED Blended Learning and Skills Session; HeartSaver Skills Check; and free CPR classes. Those who are unsure as to what class to take can call them on the telephone.

BLS training is for healthcare professionals, whether licensed or non-licensed, certified or non-certified. These include physicians, nurses, medical students, nursing students, dentists, physician assistants, medical assistants, dental hygienists, paramedics, physical therapists, emergency medical technicians, hospital transporters, residents or fellows, pharmacists, aides and other allied health personnel, staff at ICUs and emergency or critical care departments, and other professionals who may need to respond to a cardiovascular emergency.

The Red Cross Adult and Pediatric First Aid CPR AED learning program is for people with limited or no medical training. There are several types of workers who want to complete a course in first aid, CPR and AED to comply with job, regulatory and other requirements. These include the child care workers, physical fitness trainers, hotel housekeeper, security guards, teachers, tattoo artists, school personnel, camp counselors, police, firefighters, maintenance workers, and others who want or require first aid training. Atlanta CPR classes are being held everyday at 9:00 am.

They want to emphasize that the CPR classes are not just for professionals. The American Heart Association encourages everyone to learn CPR to help in reducing the number of deaths due to stroke and cardiovascular disease. Thus, AHA offers a range of CPR classes for both healthcare professionals and the general public.

Those interested in the Atlanta CPR classed can go to, or contact them on the telephone or through email.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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