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May 08, 2020
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Facebook Twitter Google Digg Reddit LinkedIn Email, a dating site for people living with herpes and other chronic STDs, is delighted to announce the launch of their affiliate program. The site’s new affiliate program presents an opportunity to start earning top level payouts by partnering with Meet Positives. The program is a great way to earn money through a partnership, and Meet Positives is ready to offer 24/7 support to all of its affiliates.

Meet Positives, or MP, offers those living with various STDs another chance at life and love. It provides a safe space for those with conditions like Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Hepatitis B, Genital Herpes, HIV, Syphilis, Trichomoniasis and so on to meet and talk to other people in similar situations without fear of judgment or rejection based solely on their condition.

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“Our goal is to help impacted people feel normal again in a relationship,” the site says. “MP helps positive singles avoid embarrassment and possible rejection by telling a potential mate about their condition. Our members join because they want to find and date others who have experienced the same struggles. Our algorithm matches people who are living with the same condition(s), by distance and by their personal saved criteria. Registered members enjoy searching profiles of positive singles who also want to date, share their stories and learn more about their conditions on discussion forums.”

STIs are some of the most hidden epidemics in the United States and across the world. According to the CDC, there are 20 million new viral infections every year. The cost of treating these infections is about 16 billion dollars per year. Furthermore, half of new infections occur in people between the ages of 15 and 24, since this is the age bracket where people are most sexually active. There are approximately 110 million people living with STDs in the US, which means that a large portion of the population is, whether directly or indirectly, affected by some sort of sexually transmitted disease.

“You are not alone,” says Meet Positives. “These infections can be managed, and those impacted can live a healthy life. If you are infected, you are not alone. The reason why Meet Positives exists is to ensure that you meet other interesting positive singles that understand your situation and are willing to spend their time with you.”

Meet Positives is not interested solely in helping their users find love—the platform is also interested in helping them build long lasting relationships. The site provides free advice and tips on how to build a strong relationship that will lead to happiness. Meet Positives has created a community where one can share all of their concerns and information that may be helpful to others.

Many users have felt comfortable enough to share their stories on Meet Positives. “Herpes is not the end of the world,” one user says. “After receiving the news that I had herpes, I fell into depression and thought about my life, my boyfriend and my family. For some reason, I thought HSV2 was a matter of life and death but I was so wrong. The first lesson I learnt is that the people around you and how they react to the news is more important than your own reaction. Keep in mind that you still will be loved and you deserve to be loved. I made decisions that I am not proud of and thought that herpes and STDs were infections I could not get. That part of my life is behind me, but herpes came to my new life with me. This simply means that herpes is not the end of the world, and you can still go on with your life just like you are not infected—only that you will need to be careful not to infect other people.”

For more information on the Meet Positives affiliate program and the site in general, visit Many have found a new life through the support and opportunities the site offers, and it may be the answer to the question of how to go about leading a full life while dealing with an STD.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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Meet Positive is an alternative to dating and a second chance for positive singles who live with a sexually transmitted disease.


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