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Best Rate Repair Blog Post Discusses Whether it's Recommended to Replace or Repair Termite Damage

May 11, 2020
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Spring Valley, CA deck and balcony repair contractor, Best Rate Repair, is a company that deals with wood and other structural damage on a regular basis. As such, they are very familiar with the destruction that an infestation of termites can do around any home. They recently posted a blog article that answers the question of whether it’s best to do wood repair or replacement after these insects have caused structural damage around a home.

Jack, a spokesperson for this contractor, said this about why the company decided to post this particular blog article on their website, “Being wood balcony and deck repair experts, we often run into situations where structural damage to these and other areas of a home was caused by termite infestation. Once we discuss this with a homeowner, it inevitably leads to them asking us whether we recommend that they replace or repair termite damage to their property. The frequency we are asked this question inspired us to write a blog article on the topic. It will help any homeowner better make a structural repair or replacement decision after a termite colony has impacted the structural integrity of a deck, balcony, or other wooden structure.”

The new blog post started by acknowledging the fact that despite being a nuisance, termites play a critical role in the ecosystem. They do a great job of breaking down dead, organic material such as wood. The article also stated that this fact is of little solace to a homeowner that has been the victim of termites doing what they do best. One big problem is that termites cannot tell the difference between a dead tree stump and a structural piece of wood on a deck or balcony. The blog post also mentioned that termites are extremely voracious eaters and the size of the colony and the type of wood they are feeding on determines the amount of damage that is caused by them. Worst yet, the blog post states that much of the damage that termite infestation causes is done before a homeowner even knows they have a termite problem. In the blog post, it mentioned that the first action that a homeowner must take to stop termite damage is to get rid of them. This can be done by the homeowner or it’s even better if this task is handled by a professional insect control service. Best Rate Repair can refer customers to trusted pest control companies in the area or people are welcome to use their in-house division that handles this task. The article then mentioned that the decision to repair or replace termite damage comes next.

In the article, it stated that there are times when a repair is the right choice after termite damage. This is especially true when termite damage is only cosmetic. A company like theirs has the knowledge and equipment necessary to seal visible termite damaged areas so that they are not an eyesore anymore. This sealant will fill the unsightly cracks and holes that terminates sometimes leave on the exterior of wood surfaces as they eat. The article pointed out that this type of cosmetic treatment only works if the impacted wood area is still structurally sound. Once a wood structure’s integrity has been compromised by termite damage, the blog post recommends that the homeowner then replace that section of wood. Areas that were mentioned that are of particular concern include steps, support beams, and stabilizing pillars. This blog post also said that for decks that are over 10 years old a whole deck replacement should be highly considered. It also mentioned that this may actually benefit a customer because a new deck can be designed to better meet a homeowner’s current decking needs. Lastly, the newly posted article pointed out that the wood experts at the company are always available to help a homeowner make a wood repair or replacement decision. This service is done by Best Rate Repair free of charge.

The company spokesperson went on to say that they have the expertise and equipment necessary to do both large and small termite damage replacement projects. Jack advised those who think they have a termite problem at their home to give them a call and discuss with them how to proceed with both termite extermination and damage resolution.

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