Alkalife Increases Global Access To Alkaline Supplements And PH Booster Drops

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Boca Raton, FL based Alkalife International is delighted to announce that they are well on their way to offering their products around the world. This news is especially timely, considering that more and more people are becoming health-conscious, exploring new ways that they can maintain their bodies at peak status. The company attributes a large part of this newfound worldwide reach to their recent acquisition by ENRN Incorporated, whose leadership in turn saw an excellent opportunity to inhabit a burgeoning market in the nutrition and health industry.

Company President and CEO Richard Natrillo states, “It was too good of an opportunity for me to turn down. With my previous experience and love of this product, I couldn’t say no. The team and I have been actively building distribution relationships here in the US as well as the Caribbean, UK, Europe and Africa. We will also be announcing exclusive relationships in India and other parts of Asia in the near future. We want to make our slogan ‘A Balanced Body., A Better You ®’ recognized around the globe!” Natrillo, who formerly sought and acquired Alkalife as President of ENRN Incorporated, now leads the company in its mission to bring Alkalife products to the rest of the world.

A large part of Alkalife’s strategy in the years to come will be lending their voice to nutrition advocates who are working to raise awareness of the benefits of Alkaline based supplements and water among the greater public. This process is already well underway, with word of mouth referrals and personal research being a huge driving force in how quickly Alkaline supplements and similar products are becoming accepted by demographics that were previously unaware of these options.

According to the company, many people lead lifestyles and make personal choices that culminate in their bodies being left in a highly acidic state. In some instances, the company observes that certain external factors may contribute to this state as well. A poor diet, extensive and enduring stress, smoking, pollution, a general lack of exercise and even having a type-A personality can create excess acid in the bloodstream. To combat this, Alkalife and nutritional advocates around the world advise the use of Alkaline supplements that create high pH water to people who suspect their body’s internal environment has become too acidic to sustain.

Alkaline supplements are primarily used to help the body do its own job, effectively supplementing its ability to fight acidic build-up (including uric, sulfuric and phosphoric acids). It accomplishes this by ensuring there are enough bicarbonates in the blood for the blood to neutralize those acids and make sure the body is in a more alkaline, healthier state of being. Learn more at the following link: Alkaline Supplement Benefits.

The company adds that health-conscious people who seek out Alkaline supplements as a means to lower their body’s acidity will likely notice increased hydration and energy, among a host of other benefits. Alkaline water supplements can help detoxify the body, for example, supporting its overall wellness. Given that it is meant to combat the proliferation of acids in the bloodstream, it can also have an effect on the build-up of lactic acid, which is known to cause muscle pain, cramps and muscular fatigue following strenuous activity. Preventing the build-up of lactic acid may give people the ability to exercise for longer periods without experiencing as much of the drawbacks they otherwise would have had to accept. It even reduces inflammation. Notably, alkaline supplements also support and improve the function of the immune system, and athletes may find that it helps them achieve and maintain their peak bodily performance with greater ease.

Alkalife’s signature product is itself the original (and most effective) pH booster as well as the only one to receive a US patent, and to achieve 10pH water. Notably, Natrillo shares that he has experienced the benefits of Alkaline water in his own life. Today, he wishes to share that benefit with as many people as possible, utilizing his own executive and leadership skills to improve procurement strategies and vendor alliances as well as maintain superior product and service quality. As such, he and Alkalife welcome questions from all those who wish to learn more.

Additional information can be found on the company’s website, and interested parties may reach out to the company to follow up on any further inquiries. Parties interested in distribution rights may reach out directly to Mr. Natrillo. Social media users are invited to engage with the company on their preferred platforms in order to stay up to date with their latest news and announcements.

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