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Accident Injury Lawyer in Orange County Provides Assistance to Car Accident Victims

May 14, 2020
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Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Orange County, a personal injury law firm based in Orange, California, has announced that they provide legal assistance to car accident victims. This is because they know that there are many careless drivers and when combined with dangerous road conditions in Orange, no one is actually 100 percent safe from becoming a victim of a car accident. Unfortunately, such accidents can lead to needless damage to property and bodily injury. For people who are unfortunate to get involved in such an accident, they will require legal assistance to guide them on how to proceed in dealing with the insurance company and getting the compensation that they deserve.

Being a victim of a car collision results into confusion and anxiety as it usually puts the mind and body in a high state of alertness. Thus, accident victims may want to offset their natural reactions by taking a deep breath and calming down. Once victims have calmed themselves down, they need to ensure that they are free from further danger. Remaining inside the car may actually be a good choice unless the car is in the middle of the road and in danger of being struck by another vehicle. Also, if the accident is so severe that there is a possibility of the car catching fire, it is necessary to get out of the car and stay as far away as possible. Once the accident victim is calm and away from danger, that is the time to call 911 for medical and police assistance.

Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Orange County

It is also important for the car accident victim to document the surroundings if possible. Serious accidents often require ambulance transport, emergency room treatment, and hospitalization, which means that there would be no opportunity to document the surroundings. However, when injuries are less severe, victims can take the opportunity to get certain documents from the other drivers who were involved in the collision. It is a good idea to collect driver’s license information, insurance information, and license plate numbers. If possible, photos of the wreckage, including car damage, driver’s license, license plate, insurance card, and physical appearance of those involved the accident, should be taken. These photos may be valuable in the future when there is a dispute.

Alexander D. Napolin from Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Orange County says, “Consult with an auto accident lawyer Orange County residents can trust as soon after the accident as possible. Having good advice early on is important to avoid the many pitfalls in pursuing a personal injury insurance claim and legal action against the defendant. Early attorney representation can help accident victims with regards to certain requirements.”

These requirements include getting the proper medical documentation of the sustained injuries; keeping the victim from being tricked into making a recorded statement by the defendant’s insurance adjuster; learning how to maintain records to prove pain, suffering, and lost wages; protecting the statute of limitations; and guidance on dealing with lost wages through instructions on state disability benefits.

Meanwhile, the lawyers at Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Orange County can also help in work injury cases. This usually involves the workers’ compensation law, which is codified in the California Labor Code. The law requires all employers in the state to cover employees for work related injury or illness. And in exchange for this coverage, employees are barred from filing a lawsuit for personal injury against their employer. The lawyers from the firm can help in the work injury claims process. Disputes regarding such work injury claims are heard by the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board and this is where the services of a work injury lawyer is important.

When looking for an auto accident lawyer or a work injury lawyer Orange County residents can rely on, people may want to visit the Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer Orange County website, or contact them on the telephone or through email. They are open for business from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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