San Diego SEO Company Announces SEO Services

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San Diego, California -

San Diego SEO Company has revealed that they provide national and local SEO services in San Diego and neighboring areas. They want to point out that their approach to search engine optimization (SEO) is intended to provide results for national and local companies. Utilizing the most advanced methods, they help companies improve the ranking of their sites in Bing and Google. Because the basis of the search engine algorithms is science, the company also makes use of science to provide the search engines what they want to see. They employ analytical methods to establish the most effective SEO plan for a particular client’s website.

Sam Wright, a spokesperson for San Diego SEO Company, says, “It is not by chance that many consider us one of the top San Diego SEO experts, as we have been practicing effective SEO for over 12 years and keep up with all the changes in the Google algorithms. There are a large number of San Diego SEO companies, but we believe we are a bit different. We care about small businesses in San Diego and we use the same advanced technology to help your company whether it is a 1 person operation or a large corporation. We work with both small 1 - 2 person companies all they way up to multi billion dollar corporations.”

The strategy used for their San Diego SEO services has three major components. These are on page SEO optimization, off page optimization, and technical SEO. With regards to on page SEO optimization, they will optimize the page so that Google understands what the web page and website is about, to help the site rank high in the search engines. They will assess various factors about the website to find out the best combination of meta title, H1, H2, H3, H4, images, word count, and videos.

The off page SEO optimization strategies are based on promoting the website to social media sites, press release sites, and highly trusted websites. The strategy is to get links from other websites that are considered to be trustworthy by the search engines. This link is regarded as a vote of confidence for the website that is being linked back to. Thus, off page SEO remains to be a vital component of SEO in 2019 and 2020.

Meanwhile, technical SEO has to with ensuring that the technical components of the website are functioning properly. These include: ensuring that SSL works properly; making sure that Google can crawl on the site; making sure that http redirects to https when using SSL; redirecting the to; making sure that there are no 404 pages; ensuring that the canonical URLs are set up properly; checking that the site’s 301 redirects are working properly and are pointing to the new pages; making sure the site is safe from hackers; and ensuring that the website if fast.

An important service provided by San Diego SEO Company is local SEO. This has a number of components, including: on page SEO related to local markets; Google My Business (GMB) optimization; Bing for Business optimization; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest as it pertains to the client’s local brand; and optimization for Yelp and other major review sites.

GMB optimization is vital because it is the best source of leads for any local company. Also, Google rewards those companies that have fully optimized their site for their local market. GMB optimization strategies include: selecting all relevant categories for the business; adding 360 photos of the business’ location; uploading the business logo and 10 to 20 relevant business photos; adding videos of the business’ location; adding relevant services; pointing GMB to a relevant page on the main website; regular posting of GMB posts; adding reservation URL if applicable; gaining relevant high quality recommendations and reviews; gaining relevant backlinks from high authority local websites; and building relevant citations on high authority sites.

Those who are interested in SEO services in San Diego and surrounding areas, may want to check out the San Diego SEO Company website, or contact them on the telephone, or through email.

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About San Diego SEO Company :

We are San Diego based SEO company that works very closely with Local San Diego Businesses.

Contact San Diego SEO Company:

Sam Wright

450 B St
San Diego
CA 92101

(619) 319-9792

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