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Kennected to Continue Helping with LinkedIn Automated Lead Generation in Spite of Coronavirus Crisis

March 23, 2020
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Kennected, a company that offers a tool for lead generation of the same name that specifically makes use of LinkedIn, has informed clients that they will continue operation in spite of the coronavirus crisis. The tool that they provide can help businesses connect with the right people using LinkedIn. It offers a solution to the common problem of businesses looking for business-to-business (B2B) leads but often find that the reach of their own networks is limited, even if they are able to locate the right contact. Kennected can help businesses automate some segments of the lead generation process while allowing them to personalize their follow-ups, which are done several times.

Devin Johnson, speaking on behalf of Kennected, says, “We’re happy to inform everyone that we’ll continue to provide our services even in the face of the coronavirus crisis. We know that businesses would like to remain strong to be able survive in this difficult time. And since what we offer is an automation tool for lead generation, there is really no cause for our clients to worry because everything will be done for them automatically. Kennected helps you reach your goals, engage more prospects, build your pipeline, get laser-focused with your prospecting efforts and win more by doing less.”

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Specifically, what is offered by Kennected is LinkedIn automation. Using the power of a social platform like LinkedIn is essential because the traditional sales prospecting channels, such as outbound calls and emails, have significantly lost a lot of their effectiveness. For instance, cold email strategies have a 15 percent open rate with a 2 percent reply rate, of which more than 50 percent are requests by the recipient to be unsubscribed. While cold emailing was effective in the past, it is no longer the case at the present time. These unsolicited emails are usually deleted and are even reported as spam.

With Kennected, the LinkedIn leads are generated on autopilot. Once the clients have specified their business’ ideal prospects, they are able to manage several campaigns, establish new ones, or make necessary changes to existing campaigns. Clients would be able to easily check on the responses from users, view profiles, and then access current conversations, all under Responses tab.

Kennected is integrated with, FindThatLead, Anymailfinder and more to allow clients to easily find emails within the LinkedIn interface, allowing them to update their Hubspot easily with important data. And with the Kennected dashboard, clients would be able to monitor and manage their outreach strategy based on actionable insights. This dashboard offers data that can help clients make better decisions for their lead generation campaigns.

It is important to note that clients would be able to send in their connection requests and follow-ups automatically, but not in bulk, which makes it appear that they are being sent manually. Follow-ups can be automated so that a follow-up can be send up to 10 times, for instance, until a response is received. Once a reply has been received, the follow-ups are automatically stopped. And while the follow-ups are automated, each message can be personalized. Each client would be able to contact up to 100 new prospects everyday using customized auto sequences, resulting in a predictable revenue. Furthermore, Kennected offers a Blacklist option that allows the business or team to avoid contacting certain people and companies. This will also allow them to avoid contacting the same person twice.

Kennected is available for individuals, teams, and agencies. For individuals, it can help them reach their goals, interact with more prospects, establish their pipeline, and be very specific in their prospecting efforts. This tool for lead generation can save people a lot of time when their prospecting is placed on autopilot. In addition, the prospecting efforts can be scaled up to levels that people have never thought possible. Kennected makes use of New Age lead generation techniques, which leverage the world’s biggest business directory.

Those who are interested in the Kennected lead generation tool can visit the Kennected website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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