New Design Launched For Leading Linked In Lead Generation Automation Tool

January 13, 2020
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Kennected, the company behind a widely used lead generation tool of the same name that works with LinkedIn, has recently redesigned its Chrome Extension. The new version of the extension provides even more reliability for their clients, supporting improved levels of uptime for those looking to make the most of their sessions as well as those who wish to automate their outreach program at scale.

Devin Johnson, speaking on behalf of the company, says, “Kennected is the best LinkedIn automation tool for those who want to put their prospecting on autopilot, connecting with the right people to help increase business without sacrificing their most valuable asset: their time. It works for individuals as well as teams. It also works extremely well for agencies and their clients to generate new leads and increase closing rates. By sparking real conversations with ideal customers, our users drive more revenue. We are excited to be launching a redesign of our Chrome Extension now so that those looking to make the most of their 2020 opportunities can clearly see the difference it has on their bottom line.”

Kennected LinkedIn lead generation helps anyone connect to the right people by making use of the largest professional networking site, LinkedIn. Those looking for B2B leads often discover that they are limited by the reach of their own networks even if they could find the right contact, which in itself is a process that takes time. Those who use Kennected understand the value in making use of its advanced search capabilities to identify the exact type of people they need to connect with on LinkedIn. It helps them automate some parts of the lead generation process and allows them to personalize multiple follow-ups. It also features an automated follow-up cadence for those who connect but have not responded yet.

Kennected is unique because it lets busy business professionals and their teams create personalized messages with placeholders. They provide several packages, priced to suit the needs of the business in question. Those looking to expand their business can use the Grow package and send up to 60 targeted connection invitations and up to 180 messages per day from their account.

They also provide the Professional package, which allows users to send up to 30 invitations per day and 90 messages using the 10 templates provided (or their own messages). However, the Professional and Grow packages provide their unique Team Synch feature, along with team blacklist and integration with HubSpot, one of the most popular customer relationship management systems.

Johnson continues, “2020 is set to be a very busy year, with key opportunities around the globe bringing technological advances to the market to solve some of the most challenging issues of our time. It makes sense for any business professional to widen their connections and influence on LinkedIn. Making the most of LinkedIn could be the best business decision many firms make this decade.”

To help those who want to learn how to generate leads automatically, Kennected published a blog on their website that provides informative articles on different types of lead generation and other sales and marketing topics. They recently published an article entitled ‘How To Generate B2B Lead on LinkedIn’ to help those who want to learn how to use the world’s leading professional networking site to its full potential to help their business.

Kennected provides the tools to help their users take action, along with the data to make better decisions for their outreach approaches. The platform works with LinkedIn Basic, the free LinkedIn account, as well as LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator. It also synchronizes prospects in seconds with the top prospecting systems, including Anymail finder, Toofr, Brite Verify, Hunter, and Find That Lead as well as HubSpot.

In four easy steps, any individual or team can optimize their tasks to make the most of their time and expand their LinkedIn Network. Kennected helps them define their target audience and use that search for the automation it provides. Next, Kennected allows them to set up their invitation messages, which are personalized to help ensure that as many are accepted as possible. Through its scheduling system, clients can add follow up messages. With its integration with HubSpot, all messages on LinkedIn also get logged automatically.

Kennected has positioned itself as the upscale LinkedIn prospecting tool. As such they have a more sophisticated platform as well as an onboarding fee. Previously the onboarding fee was $2,500 and has been lowered to $1,497. Johnson stated, "We have scaled up our support staff to allow more people to onboard each day. We have also streamlined our onboarding process which allows us to support more new members and have them get started right out of the gate and start having success. The onboarding currently comes with tutorials, scripting and help setting up your first campaign."

Those looking to supercharge LinkedIn Automation With Kennected can find full details of the company’s pricing on their website, with options to pay monthly or quarterly. Further inquiries may be directed to Devin Johnson as well. Logo

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