Legacy Healing Center Employees Receive Additional Clinical Certification

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Margate, Florida -

Margate, Florida – Legacy Healing Center is proud to announce that two of their employees, Alison Trim and Tyler Stewart, have received their clinical certifications and become certified hypnotherapists using the Krasner Hypnotherapy Method. Regarded as a neurological phenomenon, hypnosis is a state of extreme “suggestibility” that helps to alter the state of one for better well-being.

“I’m really excited about providing hypnosis treatment to our patients. Addiction is a serious medical condition and another therapeutic modality that I can use to help them break the cycle and start a road to recovery is the ultimate goal,” said Alison Trim when asked about why she wanted to receive this certification. “Being able to combine different modalities provides a full-person healing method and allows for greater success and reduces the risk of relapse.”

“Legacy Healing Center is proud of both Allie and Tyler for their commitment to personal growth and always looking for different ways to help someone get better,” said Joe Kelley, President of Legacy Healing Center’s Business Development. “I love our entire team. They never settle, they are relentless with putting in countless hours, learning different methods and techniques to equip themselves in order to assist those suffering from addiction. Proud to be part of an organization that is always looking to improve, better the lives of not only their employees but anyone we come in contact with!”

Hypnosis has been a scientifically proven and accepted clinical course by the American Medical Association since 1958. Those who complete the course earn 14 CEU (continuing education units) from the Florida Board of Certification. The science behind the Krasner Hypnotherapy method has been proven to create positive change in behaviors for drug and/or alcohol addiction. By using hypnosis as an additional modality combined with other addiction-related models, the Legacy Healing Center team works to help every patient beat their addiction and live successful lives without the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The mission of Legacy Healing Center is to “lay the foundation for anyone who enters our community to recover, address underlying issues and get on track to achieve a better life than they had ever dreamed possible.” With locations in Delray Beach, Pompano Beach and Margate, Legacy Healing Center is committed to helping those living with addiction across South Florida and for anyone who wishes to leave their current environment so they can break the addiction cycle.

If a loved one is facing addiction, contact Legacy Healing Center at (888) 534-2295 to learn about the different treatment options. Legacy Healing Center also accepts most insurances and can work with clients or their insurance provider on a payment plan.

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