The Brown Firm Shares Details On Identifying Whiplash

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The Brown Firm, a Savannah, GA based personal injury law firm, has recently released a new blog post sharing information explaining how one can tell if they have suffered whiplash in an auto accident. Many clients are unaware of how serious whiplash suffered in such an accident can be and do not fully appreciate how important it is to be examined by a physician. Many are also unaware of the effect it may have on the amount of compensation they are entitled to.

Whiplash refers to a condition that occurs when the head snaps back and forward violently and quickly, often during an accident. This stretches the neck in ways that it should not stretch in, and can result in serious injury. “Some people may find it surprising, but whiplash symptoms can appear after a minor accident, where the vehicles involved were driving at less than 14 miles per hour,” says the blog. “Many car accident victims experience whiplash, yet they don’t always seek medical attention right away. Since the symptoms of whiplash don’t always manifest immediately following vehicular accidents, it’s not uncommon that the victim may go for days without noticing any signs of the neck strain injury.”

According to The Brown Firm Personal Injury Lawyers, the first thing to look out for is neck pain or stiffness following the accident. Neck pain and stiffness are common conditions that can occur at any time but can also be a sign that one has suffered whiplash. Pain and stiffness are often a result of sprained or strained muscles, ligaments and tendons. The force from a car accident can jolt the vertebrae in one’s neck out of alignment or fracture them, leading to sharp neck pain, dull muscular aches or the inability to fully move one’s head. It may take hours for pain or stiffness to finally become noticeable, and it is important to that a doctor is contacted as soon as one notices these symptoms.

Loss of feeling in the arms and hands, along with a tingling sensation, can also be signs of whiplash. According to The Brown Firm’s blog post, “The loss of feeling is a result of damage to the neck or spinal column. Whiplash can cause pinched nerves or damage due to intense pressure, which can lead to tingling, weakness and numbness emitting throughout the shoulder, arm, hand or finger. When left untreated, this problem can cause severe pain and potentially other complications.” There are a number of other symptoms to watch out for, including jaw stiffness, headaches and tinnitus. If an individual experiences any of these following an accident, the firm recommends that they seek medical attention.

Another concern, however, is the cost of treatment. Medical bills tend to pile up and become almost impossible to deal with, and one may be left in a difficult position if they have to receive treatment. In cases like this, it is best to also contact a personal injury attorney to help get the compensation one needs. A car accident attorney, for instance, can help one get the compensation they deserve in the event of injury suffered during a car accident. Learn more at the following link: Best Legal Service Near Me.

“I was looking for a Personal Injury Attorney in Savannah, and Harry Brown personally took care of any questions I had for him,” says Mason in his Google Maps review of the firm. “He has Car Accident Lawyer offices in Atlanta too. He is never greedy, and he charges less than the other guys. Go here if you want the most money for your accident injury settlement!”

Another client shares that the firm offers, “Very friendly service. The team is there to help you every step of the way. My case took a while to solve as there were a bunch of hoops that had to be jumped through, but I have a lot of trust in this firm and will use them again if needed. They truly care about their clients and keep the clients best interest in mind. 10/10 recommend to others if you need a personal injury attorney.”

For additional news about The Brown Firm, visit their website and other online resources. Further inquiries may be directed to Harry Brown of The Brown Firm - Savannah.

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