Macon, GA Pawnbroker Reveals 5 Important Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Watch

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Macon, Georgia Pawnbroker reveals the 5 most important watch buying tips making finding the perfect watch easy. Macon area shoppers can find exquisite watches from top watchmakers at below retail prices at Howard’s Pawn & Jewelry. The Pawnbroker in Macon has a vast inventory of brands, styles, and types of timepieces. The extensive selection at Howard’s Pawn & Jewelry makes finding a broader assortment of wristwatches a challenge. With so many choices, Macon luxury watch shoppers are likely to find the perfect watch to enhance their style. At Howard's Pawn & Jewelry shoppers buy better brands and higher quality for lower prices than is possible at traditional retailers.

While the high-end timepiece selection at the well-known Pawnbroker in Macon, Howard’s Pawn & Jewelry, draws shoppers, they come back for the attentive staff and personalized shopping experience. Howard Reed, the owner of Howard’s Pawn & Jewelry, and his staff make “delivering friendly customer service a top priority. When you come to my shop we are glad to see you, happy to help you, and ready to make you an excellent deal," remarked Reed when asked what sets his shop apart from other stores in the area.

Shopping for and buying an extravagant watch is fun and thrilling. However, the excitement can be intense. To keep calm, preparation is essential. Take some time to peruse watches and narrow down style and brand preferences. The sheer number of design and style options make the dream of buying a one-of-a-kind timepiece a reality. Because there are many options and countless ways to combine them these watch buying tips are a good place to start.

When purchasing a watch, consider the following five factors first: purpose, brand, case, complications, and movement. First, consider the purpose the watch will serve. A watch may have a practical purpose like keeping time, an aesthetic one advancing personal style, a financial use as a long-term investment, or an inheritance purpose as a family heirloom. When considering watchmakers, understand that the brand communicates the wearer's style, status, and lifestyle instantly. Each brand has a unique identity, look, feel, and personality.

A watch case holds the movement and protects it from the elements. The options are extensive when selecting a watch case. The case surrounds the face and consists of the bezel, back, and midsection of a watch. Cases from petite to enormous in round, rectangle, square, tank, and oval shapes, among others, are available.

Precious metals, including gold and platinum of varying quality, stainless steel, titanium, tungsten carbide, and ceramic each inform the look, feel, durability, and wearable status of a timepiece. Complications are watch functions outside of displaying the time. These range from the most date display to works of high engineering combining functionalities taking years to build. These include date complications, chronograph complications where a stopwatch is built into the movement, and Dual Time Zone (Travel Complications).

Two of the most exciting complications are jump hour and moon phase. Jump hour displays the hour in an aperture that instantly jumps to the next hour every 60 minutes. Moonphase is a timeless and attractive feature showing the phases of the moon on the watch face. The inner workings as a whole in a watch are termed the movement. There are three to select from manual, automatic, and quartz.

There are plenty of considerations to make when shopping for a high-end watch. Start with these five first: purpose, brand, case, complications, and movement. Take time to see the watch and jewelry selection at the Pawnbroker in Macon, Howard’s Pawn & Jewelry. The store opened in 2001 and has become the place to get deals on top watches, gold and diamond jewelry, and rare collectibles of great value. The store’s website offers more information on the many items they stock, and one can find out more about Howard’s by visiting

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