Accounting Partners Offers Tips for Those Who Have Unfixed Tax Returns

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Accounting Partners USA, based in Duluth, Georgia, has offered a number of tips that can help those who have unfiled tax returns. This company offers customize accounting, tax and consulting, payroll outsource services to client companies. Also, they go beyond the provision of financial services to the provision of management solutions. They want to point out that unlike many of their competitors, they use the clients’ existing NetSuite or Quickbooks data file to create timely and accurate financial and management reports. Clients will have access to their data at all times and they will not have to wait until month end-closing to assess company performance.

Jay Orzech, President of Accounting Partners USA, says, "If you haven't filed your taxes, you may be getting phone calls and letters from the IRS. It can feel overwhelming and frightening, but it is crucial that you take action now so you don't make your situation even worse. Back taxes don't just go away. Ignoring the situation will cause further issues. You can get through this challenge with professional tax help."

One of the tips for those who have unfiled tax returns is to confirm that the IRS is looking for only six years of returns. Second, it should be noted that the IRS does not pay old refunds. Third, transcripts can help. Fourth, hefty penalties may need to be paid. Fifth, penalty abatement may be requested, if applicable. Six, the IRS may have filed a return for the taxpayer. Seven, delinquent returns may require special processing. Eight, for those who owe tax but can’t pay, they can set up a payment agreement with the IRS. And ninth, it is possible to authorize a tax professional to help.

Companies like Accounting Partners USA may be able to help those who have unfiled tax returns. For companies who have their own accounting staff, the accounting firm would be able to help the accounting staff of the client company so that they may be able to attain their full potential by harnessing the full power of QuickBooks. Accounting Partners can also handle those areas that client companies don’t have the time or expertise to handle. Jay Orzech points out that client companies can have peace of mind knowing that they have the support of a highly trained accounting staff that can take care of a wide range of payroll, accounting, and tax activities.

One of the basic services offered by Accounting Partners USA is accounting services outsourcing. Through this service, the owners and managers of client companies would be freed from the tasks of accounting, allowing them to focus on running the business. There are a number of benefits from outsourcing accounting services. These include reduced costs because there would be no need to employ in-house accounting staff; scalability based on the needs of the business; no loss of decision making; more control over many of the key functions of the accounting process because of enhanced reporting and practices; flexible solutions from professionals who are experienced in all areas of accounting; ongoing support and training when required using remote accessing and online support; and a better bottom line allowing for future growth and opportunity.

Accounting Partners USA also offers start-up consulting for new small businesses. This prevents the new business owner from making some big mistakes from the beginning, such as incorrect entity selection, choosing an inappropriate accounting system, insufficient capital funding, and more. For small businesses, they can offer help with entity selection, tax ID services, accounting software selection, accounting software implementation, and notary services in the state of Georgia.

Accounting Partners USA also offers tax accounting services for both individuals and businesses. They can help prepare income taxes and take care of bookkeeping for all forms of businesses in all 50 states. And as discussed above, they can help with unfiled tax returns because the IRS is going after taxpayers who have unfiled previous year returns.

Those who are interested in the services offered by Accounting Partners USA can check out their website or contact them on the telephone or through email.

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