Faucet Repair Services Offered At Anthony Wimpey Plumbing

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Lawrenceville, Georgia -

Social Circle, GA based Anthony Wimpey Plumbing is pleased to inform their community that the company is now ready to answer new calls for assistance regarding faulty faucets. Whether caused by a small leak or a much bigger issue, the company is ready and willing to send out a skilled technician to promptly rectify their customer’s plumbing problems.

Faucet Repair

As the company observes, a leaking faucet may not seem like a big issue at first glance, but there are several aspects that homeowners should consider before they choose to ignore a telltale drip. For instance, a continually leaking faucet can and will affect the household’s utility bills. While a single drip or two will not have any noticeable impact, a faucet that leaks over the course of a month will waste far more water than people realize. As time goes on, this will have a cumulatively bigger effect on a household’s bills, not to mention unnecessarily waste a lot of water.

A single tap that drips once a second, the company explains, can add up to a gallon over a few hours. There is enough time in a day at this drip rate to add up to several gallons, and the numbers only keep rising as time goes on. It is due to this reason that Anthony Wimpey Plumbing recommends that leaking faucets be repaired as soon as they are noticed. The longer a repair is delayed, the more water (and money) is wasted. Similarly, having multiple taps that leak only serves to compound the problem further. Additionally, a dripping faucet makes a quite noticeable noise, one that is hard to ignore (particularly if it is in a common area, such as the kitchen). If for nothing else, the company suggests that homeowners can bring about their own peace of mind by having an incessant noise removed from the household. Learn more at the following link:

Anthony Wimpey Plumbing states that there are four basic types of faucets, no matter what extraneous features or decorations they come with. These include ball faucets, compression faucets, disk faucets and cartridge faucets, the last of which in particular is known to cause problems for homeowners (possibly due to their widespread use). "If you've got a cartridge faucet, this is an especially common cause, as the cartridge will sometimes need to be replaced," says Anthony Wimpey, who leads Anthony Wimpey Plumbing.

Wimpey elaborates that cartridge faucets come in both one and two-handed varieties, and they feature a very similar design to ball and compression faucets (two of the oldest known designs). Given their more modern construction, however, cartridge faucets tend to operate much smoother than their ball and compression counterparts. Wimpey adds, “With over 30 years of experience to draw from, our team has the know-how to fix any faucet fast. At Anthony Wimpey Plumbing, we pride ourselves on a job well done, and we'll work to make sure we don't leave until every job is complete.” As such, their customers can expect quick and efficient help no matter what sort of faucet their home uses.

This is evident in the reviews left online by their customers as well. In their 5-Star Google review, Charles Reid says that the company’s visit was, “Without a doubt the best plumber experience I've had. Dale came out to my house to do some work on my sink, which included a new faucet. He was courteous, quick and professional, plus spent a little extra time giving me some tips concerning other areas of my house. Fantastic job! I've found my new plumber and feel good that I won't have to search anymore. Recommended!”

Those who would like to learn more about Anthony Wimpey Plumbing and their faucet repair services are welcome to visit their website to explore further. They may reach out to Anthony Wimpey Plumbing to pursue any further inquiries or seek a quote for a repair they want done. A free estimate can be requested through the contact form on their website as well. Furthermore, social media users may engage the company on Facebook to stay up to date with their latest news and announcements.

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