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Dr. Amauri Wellness Centre Reveals The Importance Of NAD+ To Long-Term Health In A Recent Blog Post

January 29, 2020
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Dr. Amauri Caversan, ND, and his associates recently added a new blog post to his Dr. Amauri Wellness Centre’s main website. This blog was centered on his Toronto based clinic’s popular NAD+ IV therapy and how it may impact a person’s long-term health. The blog post covers what the treatment involves and some other surprising information that people may not know about this newer type of IV therapy.

The blog starts out by mentioning that the NAD+ is a coenzyme found in every cell in our bodies used in all biological process like mitochondrial health,detoxifying, DNA repairing and energy production. Coenzymes exist naturally in the body and they can be considered "helper molecules" that assist the creation of many beneficial chemical reactions in the body. They play a key role in every bodily function. The blog states that under certain conditions, such as the natural aging process, excessive alcohol intake, and substance abuse, the natural level of this coenzyme in the body can become reduced. This can severely impact a person’s overall health. NAD+ therapy may be able to help get this coenzyme levels back to a more normal state.


Also covered in the blog was the topic of Sirtuins; a protein found in the body that is related to many body functions. Sirtuins are another substance in the body that needs NAD+ in order for it to do its job of turning some gene traits on and off. The blog pointed out that decreased Sirtuin activity in the body is thought to do such things as inhibit the ability of the body to reduce inflammation and make a person less able to remain calm when under stress. There are even theories that suggest decreased Sirtuin activity plays a role in age-related memory loss and the onset of Alzheimer’s. Increasing NAD+ levels in the body, helps the body sustain optimal Sirtuin activity. Increase in Sirtuins function has been associated with a range of beneficial health effects including metabolism regulation, healthspan and longevity.

The blog article went on to mention that Dr. Amauri, ND partners with Arv Buttar, NP to provide several different integrative and functional medicine programs to their patients. Most with the goal of helping a person’s body restore its neuroreceptor function to an optimal level.

In addition to the blog post, Dr. Amauri Caversan, ND also wanted to dispel any rumors about NAD IV therapy being a cure for any bodily condition. It is meant to be a part of an overall wellness regimen. Wellness therapies seek to keep a person’s body in its highest possible state of health. By doing so it is thought that a body can better fight against illness and disease. It usually takes more than one type of wellness therapy to accomplish this. The doctor says an activity does not need to include a form of medical treatment in order to be considered a wellness therapy either. Regular exercise, meditation, massage, yoga, and even long-distance walks are different types of wellness therapies. It just happens to be that some, like his clinic’s NAD+ therapy, target more specific ways to possibly help make a person’s body healthier.

For those that have any questions on Dr. Amauri Wellness Centre , ND’s IV therapy Toronto services, the doctor says they are always available to answer questions over the phone or someone can schedule to come into their office for a free 15-min introductory meeting. The Dr. Amauri Wellness Centre facility is open Monday from 11am to 5pm, Tuesday and Thursday from 10am to 5pm, Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 7pm, and every other Saturday from 9am to 4pm.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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