MN Drug Possession Lawyer Shares Insight On Cost Of Legal Representation

February 19, 2020
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Minneapolis, Minnesota based Ryan Garry LLC is reaching out to their community to discuss the costs associated with legal representation for drug possession cases. Visit this link to learn more about Ryan Garry LLC.

Ryan Garry LLC is a renowned law firm that specializes in handling drug possession crimes and similar charges in the Minneapolis area. The firms' latest blog entry explores the cost of their services, which is one of the most common concerns that their clients have. According to the firm, the expectation of high costs is often what drives clients away before they even inquire about their fees.

drug posssession lawyer

Ryan Garry, the founder of the Ryan Garry LLC firm and lead attorney at the practice, says, "We strive to make our services as accessible as possible for the community in order to minimize unfair convictions. Our fees and honoraries will depend on the severity of our client's accusations and the complexity of their case, along with the evidence against them and the circumstances of the accusations. Even in the most complicated cases, however, our clients can still expect competitive pricing compared to other Minneapolis attorneys."

The fees for legal representation in drug possession cases can vary depending on the seriousness of the charge. The firm advises their clients to learn about the different types of charges in their state and what the consequences may be. The minimum sentence for the lesser charges can still be devastating to the defendant's life, as these can range anywhere between 5-40 years. They may even receive a more severe sentence, depending on their history.

Ryan Garry - Drug Crimes Attorney states that these offenses are separated into five different categories of increasing severity and repercussions, with the most serious charge being a first degree controlled substance crime. This charge covers the selling of mixtures of at least 10 grams of any non-marijuana narcotic, or the possession of at least 25 grams of said substances. Marijuana possession may also fall under this category if the defendant has possession of at least 500 grams. The penalty for a first degree controlled substance crime can include a $1,000,000 fine, and a minimum of four years in prison for individuals with a prior conviction of this crime.

The lesser charge for a drug possession offense is a fifth-degree controlled substance crime, which carries a penalty of up to 5 years in prison and/or upto a $10,000 fine. This offense includes selling at least one mixture of more than a small amount of marijuana (42.5 grams) or a Schedule IV drug. It also includes possessing at least one mixture of Schedule I, II, III or VI drugs, so long as the drug is more than a small amount of marijuana.

The MN attorneys at the law offices of Ryan Garry, LLC have been handling major state and federal drug crimes for many years. They have found great success defending their clients in a variety of situations, either reducing the penalty to the minimum possible or having the charges dismissed altogether. Their website is a testament to their excellence as court defendants, as the firm is always pleased to share details regarding their victories in past cases.

Garry refers to one such case, saying, "Our client (FP) was charged with possessing drugs with a firearm. This charge calls for a 36-month mandatory minimum prison sentence. Thankfully, we were able to convince the judge to grant a downward dispositional departure and sentence him to probation rather than a prison term. He served no further jail time."

The firm's website includes further information on the legal services offered by Ryan Garry LLC as well as useful resources that outline what an individual may do in the event they run afoul of the law. Interested parties can reach out to Ryan Garry LLC - Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney to follow up on any further inquiries or schedule their next appointment.

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