Pub Crawl Budapest Offers Tours Of Well Known Ruin Bars In Budapest

January 13, 2020
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Budapest, Oktogon 1 Pub Crawl Budapest is offering tours of some of the most well-known ruin bars in Budapest. As the longest running ruin bar tour in the area, Pub Crawl Budapest proudly presents tourists with the best bar crawl through ruin bars across the historic city. Pub Crawl is run by locals who have spent their whole lives in Budapest and witnessed the city’s nightlife in all its colourful forms. More on the tour can be found on Google.

One of the things Budapest is known for is its vibrant nightlife. The city has dozens of world class bars that attract people from all over the world who are looking to experience Budapest at its best. Of particular interest are the city’s ruin bars, which are bars built inside ancient buildings. In addition to offering a great bar experience, the ruin bars allow tourists to visit and experience some of the oldest buildings in the world and take a glimpse into Budapest’s historic past.

Tourists come from all over the world to experience pub crawl culture in Budapest. As Pub Crawl Budapest says, “A pub crawl (sometimes called a bar tour, bar crawl or bar-hopping) is the act of drinking in multiple pubs or bars in a single night, usually travelling by foot or public transport to each destination and occasionally by cycle. Many European cities have public pub crawls that act as social gatherings for the local expatriate communities and tourists. These crawls focus on the social aspect of meeting new friends and being introduced to new bars in a foreign city.”

Pub Crawl Budapest allows visitors to the city to experience pub crawling at its finest through their many tours, particularly the ruin bar tour. The tour consists of a night out in Budapest, where tourists will have the opportunity to visit several authentic ruin bars, share some drinks and enjoy the city’s nightlife. Attendees receive free welcome shots at every bar they attend along with VIP entry privileges.

“We'll take you to four pubs in the downtown party area of the city,” says Pub Crawl Budapest. “The pubs are within walking distance, and we selected them carefully so that you get the best of everything that Budapest has to offer. Among others, we'll show you the famous, unique ruin bars and introduce you to the crazy local nightlife.”

One of the bars that Pub Crawl Budapest regularly visits is the Ellatohaz Ruin Bar. The bar has been a staple of Pub Crawl Budapest tours for years and is quite popular among those who have attended one of Pub Crawl Budapest’s tours. The ruin bar is known for its welcoming environment and the pleasant crowd it tends to attract.

A lot of tourists have gone on the tour and found themselves quite thrilled with the experience. One tourist says in her 5-Star Google review of Pub Crawl Budapest, “Shairil and Aleksandra were very understanding and very helpful. The girls gave us tips and tricks to make the most of our time in each bar. Overall outstanding experience, and definitely recommended to people who want to see the ruin bars.”

“Khan, Shairil, Lisa and Utku are awesome,” says another 5-Sar review on the same platform. “Loved that they encouraged people to do the shirt challenge. Some activities are kind of difficult to do, like beer pong and flip cup without tables. Good time. Meeting point was pretty far from our first bar, and we waited for a good while before departing.”

Most tours end at the largest ruin bars in the city, the Instant/Fogas Ruin Bars. Comprised of two ruin bars which merged into a single huge complex last year, the bars form a ‘magical, never-ending labyrinth’ which tourists are free to explore. The bar offers many different kinds of music every night and is considered one of the top attractions to visit in Budapest. Get in contact with Pub Crawl Budapest today for an unforgettable night out. More information: [email protected] or at Instant / Fogas page on Pub Crawl Budapest's website.

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Pub Crawl Budapest is the longest running Ruin Bar Tour in Budapest. The Pub Crawl and Ruin Bar Tour began in 2007 and remains the best and most reliable in Budapest. With Pub Crawl Budapest, guests will experience the best pub crawl in town!

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