FTL Continues Expansion To Serve Americans Struggling With Debt

January 14, 2020
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Family Title Loans (FTL), a financial aid provider with several locations across California, is continuing their efforts to expand across the country, thereby extending their aid to new areas where people struggle with debt. FTL has simultaneously been taking measures to help their services become more accessible to those in need, as they have noted that a worrying number of Americans across the US are struggling to reach the end of the month on their salaries.

This state of affairs often leaves them vulnerable, with no other option than to incur additional debt to cover their emergency expenses. In light of this, FTL seeks to offer their specialized aid. More information on the company is available here: Title Pawn Near Me.

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While expert economists believe that the US economy has been in recovery for the past few years, this belief does not reflect the status of the average American citizen. A good portion of the population all across the country is still struggling to pay off their debts, with a significant part of them being unable to pay their obligations or provide for their families. These individuals also tend to see their debts pile on further with time, forcing them insolvency or foreclosure.

This is a situation that has been aggravated over the years, with no clear signs of improvement for the near future. A representative of FTL states, "While being in debt is not necessarily a bad thing as it allows us to make significant monetary investments, acquire real estate, a medium of transport, or even send our kids to college, the kind of debt that currently burdens American citizen has nothing to do with this. According to the New York Federal Reserve, consumer debt is approaching $14-trillion after the second quarter, continuing a trend that has been occurring for 20 consecutive quarters."

As FTL explains, the inherent issue with this ever-increasing debt is that the most affected portion of the population is the lower-middle class, whose raw income does not allow them to save money for emergencies, leaving them vulnerable. Even if they can manage their monthly expenses and still have enough to make their monthly payments, this means that their only option is to look for another financial aid provider (such as a bank) when faced with an emergency, incurring further debt. Depending on the situation of the debtor's credit score, this may not be an option, as many conventional financial aid providers refrain from providing their services to individuals with poor credit.

This is where FTL comes in, offering a convenient solution that is available to anyone regardless of their credit history. Their financial aid program utilizes their client's vehicle title as collateral for their services, allowing the company to provide a prompt solution to individuals who cannot go to other financial aid providers for help addressing their financial issues. This also allows them to minimize their requirements—FTL narrows it down to proof of income, an eligible vehicle title, with its title, personal or job references, and an ID. Once these documents are provided, the applicant can seek the aid they need.

The representative states, "In these difficult financial times, no matter how much you save, plan, and prepare, a financial emergency can still deplete you and leave you in need of a quick emergency cash advance in California. We want to reassure that we have your back in this difficult situation, and we are ready to offer a cash advance in as few as 24 hours. Read our Financial Blog to learn more about this program."

FTL enjoys a distinguished reputation all across California, having helped thousands of residents overcome their financial challenges through an accessible cash advance. Through their website, they feature several customer reviews that attest to the excellence of their services, including one written by Dan Hernandez, who says, "I was really surprised at the amount of money I received from my loan on my truck’s title! The process here is painless, and I was approved in about five minutes and was able to pick up the money the same day."

The company's website includes further information on FTL's financial aid program, including a complete list of the requirements necessary to apply for a cash advance. Furthermore, interested parties can learn more about the company and their expansion through the following link: Financial News In Lending.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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