National Alaskan Malamute Day Celebrated at TheWoofBook.Com

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Laguna Niguel, CA - As part of its ongoing series of National Dog Breed Day celebrations, announces January 7th as National Alaskan Malamute Day. Alaskan Malamutes are very strong and are capable of pulling extremely heavy loads. With their striking appearance accented by their almond shaped brown eyes, these decendents of arctic sled dogs are affectionate pack animals who are loyal to their human families and particularly good with children.

Charlet C. Sterling, Director of Customer Services, notes, “Many people mistakenly believe that Malamutes are used for sled dog racing. But they are not racing dogs. Their talent is in their ability to pull heavy loads over long distances, not speed.”

The Woof Book National Alaskan Malamute Day

In spite of the breed’s popularity today, during World War II, the breed nearly became extinct. In 1947, there were only thirty registered Alaskan Malamutes remaining. Fortunately, due to the determined efforts of a single breeder, Robert J. Zoller, the breed was renewed.

Sterling notes, “Alaskan Malamutes are heroic dogs and were faithful compainions to the Klondike gold miners who came to Alaska in 1896. They helped Rear Admiral Sir Richard Byrd in his quest to reach the South Pole and served as rescue dogs in Greenland during World War II.”

The Alaskan Malamute breed, along with all the dog breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club has its own group at Malamute owners and lovers can join this group or dog groups of their choice by going to:

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