Vitamins Hair Cosmetics Launches Keratin Hair Serum For Damaged Hair

January 10, 2020
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Vitamins Hair Cosmetics has announced that they have launched their keratin hair serum for damaged hair on Amazon, which is known as the Vitamins Hair Serum Keratin Protein Treatment. This is designed to be a highly moisturizing hair protein therapy. It is capable of promoting the repair of split ends on brittle dull hair. It contains a herbal oils complex that can protect the hair from dust and humidity. With its keratin repair serum, even coarse or frizzy hair is transformed into hair that is smooth and healthy with less tangles. It is assured to be free of alcohol, parabens, and sulfates and it is suitable for blonde, bleached, color treated, colored, thin, thick, curly, or fine straight hair.

Eyal Tamir, Business Development & Export Manager for Vitamins Hair Cosmetics, says, “We are happy to announce the launch of our Vitamins Hair Serum Keratin Protein Treatment. As always, uncompromising product quality is fundamental to Vitamins Hair Cosmetics, persisting non-stop, for more than 70 years, to maintain and out-do its outstanding reputation among customers. Over the years, we have realized that different hair types require different treatments. Thus, our goal is to develop the ultimate solution for every known hair type and need, for both women and men. Vitamins Hair Cosmetics' Keratin products are enriched with a unique complex containing Keratin extract, Moroccan Argan Oil, Wheat Germ (Triticum Vulgare) Oil and Vitamin E, working together to obtain optimal results.”

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Vitamins Hair Cosmetics’ Keratin Hair Serum is compatible with all hair types. Its main function is protection, it has a very high antioxidant effect and it has high moisturizing effects. It is cruelty free and has a hair shine effect. It has also been found to provide hair rehabilitation for dry, colored, damaged, permed, bleached, and after straightening.

Meanwhile, also available from Vitamins Hair Cosmetics is a product that complements the Vitamins Hair Serum Keratin Protein Treatment is the Vitamins Keratin Shampoo Hair Protein Treatment, a keratin shampoo sulfate free deep cleanser product. It is designed to clean and moisturized hair. It keeps hair clean, smooth, and sleek. It can serve as a daily essential hydration booster for all types of hair. It is an ultra hydrating keratin and argan oil liquid shampoo that hydrates, moisturizes, hydrates and improves hair texture.

The Vitamins Hair Serum Keratin Protein Treatment is a non-greasy hair leave-in treatment for dry and damaged frizzy hair. It is based on enriched keratin protein and Moroccan argan oil and is supplemented by vitamin E and wheat germ oil. It is designed to protect the hair by minimizing split ends and hair breakage that usually result from dryers and straighteners.

People who have already tried the keratin hair serum have provided positive reviews. For instance, Mindy gave the product a five star rating and said, “I've had very thick straight hair all my life. [...] But ever since I turned 40 I've been chasing that silky and shiny hair again. I've spent thousands of dollars over the past nine years in salon services and products to get back that beautiful straight hair. […] Anything my stylist suggested I would try but the results were products that left my hair feeling heavy and greasy. Forget getting more than 1 day out of freshly washed hair! I was at the end of my rope when I found this product through a Google search. Let me just say that I've only used it once but I am ridiculously pleased with the results! This product is light, non-greasy and smoothed out my dry locks with just the right amount of shine. [...]”

Another product from Vitamins Hair Cosmetics that complements the Vitamins Hair Serum Keratin Protein Treatment is a keratin hair mask for damaged hair and split ends and is called Vitamins Keratin Hair Mask Deep Conditioner. It is a capable of repairing split ends and scalp and cuticle with long lasting hydration. It can be used as a rich antifrizz treatment mask that leaves the hair soft, smooth, shiny and healthy. It contains a natural blend of Moroccan argan oil, keratin, and vitamin E.

Those who are interested in the hair products from Vitamins Hair Cosmetics can check out Amazon or contact them on the phone or through email.

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