Vitamins Hair Cosmetics Develops New Hair Mask for Damaged Hair and Split Ends

January 10, 2020
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Vitamins Hair Cosmetics, an internationally renowned boutique factory for high-end cosmetics, has announced that it has developed a new keratin hair mask for damaged hair and split ends as part of a complementary range of hair treatments.

Dry and frizzy hair can make styling anything from difficult to impossible. Whether it is caused by chemical over-processing, from dyes, permanents, or straighteners, or whether it is simply genetics, dryness and frizz can be a challenge. Previously there was little recourse other than to cut the dry, frizzy hair off and grow it back out again; this is no longer the case.

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After years of development, the company’s newly formulated hair mask has finally been released onto the market. Created with keratin extract and Moroccan argan oil serum, this hair mask for thin and dry or damaged hair is drawing attention from all over the world for its impressive results. The specially designed keratin hair mask not only heals previous damage but also protects from future damage.

The mask is designed to be used after shampooing and then be rinsed off. It is a professional salon-quality hair treatment and deep conditioner, which has been enriched with a unique intensive formula that includes vitamin E and wheat germ oil. It will deeply condition, hydrate, strengthen and rejuvenate dry, damaged, or dull hair and return it to its naturally soft, smooth, and healthy condition with a rich shiny appearance. Unlike some hair treatment masks, Vitamins Hair Cosmetics’ product will not weigh down thin and/or fine hair.

It is recommended that the hair mask is used after shampooing and as a complementary part of the system the best results can be achieved by using Vitamins Hair Cosmetics’ keratin shampoo sulfate free deep cleanser. It is a clarifying shampoo that helps remove old product and any other contaminants on the surface of the hair and scalp. It is designed to strengthen any hair type whether thin, coarse, dry, or color treated.

Janice McCallister, a spokesperson for the company said, “Our new hair mask has become one of our best-selling products and has even sold out on several occasions. It can, of course, be used on its own but for our customers to get the very best results from it, we recommend that it be used in conjunction with our keratin shampoo and our keratin serum.

The keratin serum referred to by Janice is the third component of Vitamins Hair Cosmetics' new system. It was designed to protect the hair by minimizing breakage and reducing the formation of split ends caused by straighteners, dryers, chemical treatments, which are almost all universally harsh, and environmental damage. The keratin hair serum for damaged hair will help repair hair that has suffered from any of these stressors. The serum is meant to be used sparingly and a few drops smoothed on to the hair from roots to ends is all that is required. Designed to be used on wet or dry hair, it is not oily or greasy as it is water-based and will add both shine and smoothness.

Sheila T., a long-time user of Vitamins Hair Cosmetics’ products said, “I knew I had found a winner the first time I used the hair mask conditioner. I washed my hair with Vitamins’ keratin shampoo and then I applied the mask and left it on for 20 minutes and rinsed it off as directed. The next day my coworkers said my hair looked great and were asking what I’d done to it.”

Vitamins Hair Cosmetics was started in 1943 by Mr. Haim Shetrit. The company is still working today to develop new products for hair and body care which are both eco-friendly and toxin-free. More information about its complete range of products can be found on its website.

At one time the company’s products could only be found in high-end salons. This is no longer the case and Vitamins Hair Cosmetics has made its products directly available to customers through its Amazon store.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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Vitamins Hair Cosmetics, founded back in 1943, has been manufacturing hair care products ever since. The products are sold for years with great success to top hairdressing salons all over the world and only lately became available to the general public

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