PutskA Introduces Curated Baby Line and Popular Diaper Caddy on Amazon

January 03, 2020
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After many months of development, PutskA’s very popular diaper caddy, along with the rest of its carefully curated catalog are now available on Amazon. Carefully designed and constructed, the caddy contains resizable compartments and has sold out on several occasions. Anyone taking care of an infant should go to Amazon and visit PutskA and check out the diaper caddy as well as its other offerings.

“They offer a three-year warranty on it, but you’ll never need it,” said Tracy Edmonds, who has four children under the age of four. “This thing is made very, very, well. I have two and I have bought one for almost every parent I know. It holds a ton of supplies and has stood up to everything I’ve thrown at it.”

PutskA Baby essentials

Lilly N., a spokesperson for PutskA, said, “It’s the small details that set our products apart. Our items are made with quality materials and they stand the test of time.”

PutskA has added free gifts to the diaper caddy and two stylish pacifier clips and two bibs are included with each purchase. The very popular caddy is not the only thing they offer. This new line includes a potty chart and a potty seat designed to help infants make an easier and safer transition from diapers to toilet.

“Safety is, of course, our highest concern,” Lilly N. said. “When parents decide they need something for their child that we carry we want ‘Visit PutskA Amazon Store’ to be top of their to-do list of places to shop. We think they will be able to see right away that our products are not only well made but absolutely safe.”

The diaper caddy is made of soft felt and has soft ribbon sewn over any semi-sharp edges to keep inquisitive baby fingers safe. The potty seat is made of double-layered sturdy plastic and the seat itself is padded. There are safety handles for infants to use when climbing onto or off the potty chair, which helps both safety and confidence.

The potty seat has a soft padded fabric cover that is machine washable. The color works for any gender and the seat folds for easy storage. The company has even considered education of children; which is not typical of potty seat manufacturers. ABCs have been built into the chair and the ladder – exposing children to them every time the seat is used.

Also, on a parent’s to-do list should be “Visit PutskA FB page” where even a casual observer can see that the company is very responsive and works hard to keep customers 100% satisfied.

The company also offers a magnetic potty-training reward chart for both boys and girls. This is meant to make the process more fun because it encourages them to do well. There are five actions that the child must do every time they use the toilet and the chart lets both parent and child keep track. There is a comprehensive one-year warranty on this item, and it is available in two designs – animal and arctic animal.

PutskA’s collection also includes some printed organic cotton, certified hypoallergenic bibs for boys and girls. These are highly absorbent for drooling and teething babies and these too are quickly becoming parental favorites.

Jamie Taylor said, “These are great. The bibs are super plush and thick and are highly absorbent. The prints are adorable, and the back side is a nice thick cross between a towel and fleece which makes it both absorbent and soft around the baby’s neck. I love that there are multiple snaps so it can easily grow with my baby as he gets bigger.”


Although PutskA is a relative newcomer to Amazon it is quickly making a name for itself because of its commitment to uncompromising quality. It did not take parents and grandparents long to realize that the quality and craftsmanship put into each product sets PutskA apart from the crowd.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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A family company dedicated to producing baby essentials tailored to your needs and your baby needs. Our products are made from environmentally-friendly materials and non-toxic organic fabrics to keep our babies safe. Thank you for choosing Putska ♥

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